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A group of adventurers has been assembled to slay a fiend hiding in the forest. Guide them through the gauntlet set before them.

When you're on the map, moving block to block, if it seems slow, try this link -- http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/61725a5c2e12fd0297cba738f0708838
We haven't figured out what is causing it yet, but it seems to only do it here in the portal so far.

Controls ---------
You only need your mouse, it is all point and click.
You CAN use your arrow keys on the keyboard to explore the map if you want, but the mouse also works there.


I liked it, but it was redundant. The story was intriguing and I'd love to see a sequel. The difficulty needs to be ramped up. Enemies need special skills. The heroes skills need to be useful; the only skills I really used were Cutpurse and the Witch's heal spell. And honestly, I had to throw my own RP in there and force myself to use the skills because the game was just too easy. When you tested the game, didn't you notice the over accumulation of potions? Make an option to trade in excess items for something spectacular.

And thanks for the memories =)

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long and boring......hate it

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Nice game i like how the story goes and the special abilities every character has

ONE MORE TIME nice game...

(P.S. I Gave a good review because I like RPGs They're awesome...)


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This was waayyy too easy, first of all. And too long for how easy it is.
The gold becomes completely useless very quickly unless you don't use a single bit of experience. The random little drops that increased stats became so uncommon I don't know why I bothered to complete each area's map, which there is no way to see all of, ever.
The balancing issues are severe, enemies hit for pitiful amounts of damage in the beginning and it quickly becomes pointless to add to Vitality.
The enemies don't seem to spawn fast enough in the beginning and sometimes I'd have to fight for seven tiles in a row towards the end, which even a third of the way through is still a guaranteed win before the enemy can even attack once.
The art was cool and the dialogue was good. The story wasn't bad either. A lot of work clearly went into this game, it's just very easy and requires far too many two-click wins.

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3.45 / 5.00

Nov 25, 2013
5:25 PM EST
Adventure - RPG