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A group of adventurers has been assembled to slay a fiend hiding in the forest. Guide them through the gauntlet set before them.

When you're on the map, moving block to block, if it seems slow, try this link -- http://www.newgrounds.com/dump/item/61725a5c2e12fd0297cba738f0708838
We haven't figured out what is causing it yet, but it seems to only do it here in the portal so far.

Controls ---------
You only need your mouse, it is all point and click.
You CAN use your arrow keys on the keyboard to explore the map if you want, but the mouse also works there.


Well...what can I say?...
My favorite type of games are RPG's & JRPG's and when I want to play an JRPG or an RPG, I always look at this points when I want to make a judgment about it:
1. Story
2. Music.
3. Game Mechanics.
4. Battle Mechanics.
5. Graphics (I don't put much attention to this aspect, because I had seen a lot of bad games with good graphics.)
6. Game features.

And the way I see your game goes like this (0 - 10):
1. Story = 2
(Very weak story from the beginning to the end of it, characters feel ...boring and I was expecting more from this part, good characters give a better orientation to a story and make yourself want to play it to the end, that in this case...well not really. [Even if this game was intended to be short there is no excuse to did what you did] )

2. Music and voice acting= 7
(The music and voice acting was good cant say I didn't like it, but it was over repetitive and got annoyed to some point.)

3. Game Mechanics = 3
(It's well, not very good, even thought is extremely simplistic to navigate around the game, easy stat manipulation, a very slow transition, extremely easy to get lost and enemies spawning was exaggerated to the point almost each block you engaged in a fight.)

4. Battle Mechanics = 1
(In this one you just could see just your character just standing there doing some common animation, as well as the enemies are horribly doing the same, they just stay there and when you attack or they attack you just see a scratch or a magic attack but no actual movement in the characters...just at the same position.
The action menu is a standard generic type, the monsters in the game are very, very generic, bad and they spawn like crazy and the mobs are not very original
All of this is what gives a boring atmosphere because of how repetitive and easy it is.)

5. Graphics = 5
(The graphics are not good or bad, need to do something better.)

6. Game features = 0
(Lets go to the point, Shop, Stats & Equipment (Gear) are the WORST part of this game:
-Shop: the higher you grow a stat...the higher the item will get very high on its price [for example: High Strength (Lets say 34) = Million Weapon {Highest amount that they asked me for a weapon was around 345905874256842456 gold}]
-Stats: Just giving focus to Strength makes you win the game, no more, no less.
-Equipment (Gear): Broken Shop = Useless Gear.)

And all of this gives a total of 0.6 of 5 stars

There is a lot to be done and fixed as well to improve.
Here are some things I think you can make better, fix or implement:

1. Make better monsters.
2. Make all stats important.
3. Make your characters do more things.
4. Make the characters interesting and not so boring.
5. Make a better story.
6. Remake animations in combat (You know what? make it all from scratch) .
7. Final Boss.
8. Make equipment (gear or whatever) important or at least, make it change the way your characters look (if you can).
9. Fix the shop and add more things (Costumes for example).
10. Make a map system or fix the dungeon from scratch.
11. Fix the monster spawning rate.

And from my point of view this was uploaded without giving it a bit of time to be analyzed as it should. Not trying to be a bad person, just I think you can do a much, MUCH BETTER GAME.

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Good art, music & story line.

But here is some numbers, (warning spoilers ahead):

I have 4686 experience I am afraid to use be because I do not want to 1hit defeat the last boss.

I have 6301 gold I cannot use since the cheapest armor cost 16711 and most expensive weapon cost 4572061019. Might be less of an issue if not for fact the most rewarding battle is 27 gold.

I have 59 Healing potion, 52 Mana potion, 32 Elixirs, 22 Blue Incense & 28 Red Incense I am afraid to use since I cannot buy them from shop, and do not know if I will get killed using them between rounds.

After around 3 hours of same basic map and enemies I found I have nothing to be afraid because there is no boss, and ending consist of 7 dialogs and 1 artwork.

A seemingly endless maze populated with seemingly endless enemies until, suddenly, the end.

Here we have a good, but repetitive, roguelike.
The battles are too slow when you consider how many you'll be in. These encounters start off at a reasonable difficulty, and get harder as you go, until you progress far enough. At this point you will upgrade your stats, and then go on to win every battle without taking damage, which is saying something, because the encounters happen every 1-4 tiles (too often).

If you're looking for a quick and diverse fantasy game, I'd suggest passing this one over. If you have a bowl of cheetos ready and a friend to pass the time with, give this game a once-over.

+good visuals
+nice music
-useless shop (stat upgrades are cheaper)
-too many battles
-battles are too easy

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No difficulty, too many random encounters, and many dead ends made this game become a chore to continue. At least add an auto fight mechanic so that I don't have to mindlessly click for hours when I already one-hit everything.

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3.45 / 5.00

Nov 25, 2013
5:25 PM EST
Adventure - RPG