11 Seconds

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Rotating 5 Points

Score more than 400 in Rotating

Clicking 10 Points

Score more than 450 in Clicking

Geometry 10 Points

Score more than 400 in Geometry

Avoiding 25 Points

Score 600 in Avoiding

Comparing 25 Points

Score more than 300 in Comparing

Counting 25 Points

Score more than 800 in Counting

Shooting 25 Points

Score more than 350 in Shooting

Swiping 25 Points

Score more than 500 in Swiping

Chess 50 Points

Score more than 350 in Chess

Teleporter 50 Points

Score more than 500 in Teleporter

Tiling 50 Points

Score more than 550 in Tiling

Author Comments

This game was inspired by ludum dare 27. But as it took me a bit more than 48 hours to complete it, I will give you not 10, but 11 seconds to beat 11 various minigames.

Show, how quick you are!

Newgrounders! Thank you for voting. I'm proud that my game won daily 2nd and got featured!

More games for you are coming soon!


I'm a master pro in this kind of skill's
For now, theres just one HARD challenge: Tiling

Too hard :(

Sethbling Made A 15 Secounds Maybe He Did From This Game
(for mincraft)

Fun. Addicting too. My only complaint is that I had a lagging problem on the triangle game. Parts of the screen would freeze up and such.

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I really love the unique concept of this game and the graphics, now I know I say this in nearly every review I make but, that's just because it's true. :)

btw the 6th level really looks like the game "Escape" that I used to play 3 years ago in maths at the end of the lesson on the touch board. However I can't find it anymore because there is soooo much other stuff called escape, 3 years ago I just typed "escape" into google and it was the first thing on the search but, now I surf the internet for hours and can't find it. So I'm really happy to see something soo close to it. :)

I can Imagine how much time it took you to make the entire game.

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Credits & Info

3.69 / 5.00

Nov 23, 2013
1:57 PM EST
Skill - Other