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Balgar - CSI: Nessebar

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Balgar - episode 2 - CSI: Nessebar
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Another great one

So this was another great one here very good fun and some entertaining the stories on these are nice the color depth of backrounds and characters are awsome you have a nice toon here some subtitles could be pushed here just for extra measure anyways nice work here nice episode make more.

some subtitles would be nice on this one.


We Want More!!!!!

This is by far the stangest, weirdest show I've eveer seen... And I've seen plenty. And I have nothing but good things to say about it. The style is interesting the characters are surreal, and uh it feels really like watching something on IFC which I do... Watch. In short the show is good. Uh is there more?

Awesome! I'm looking forward to watching more of this. Nice art style, good humour, good voice acting & a nice theme song - I can't say anything negative. Keep up the good work!

Haha, awesome parody on parodies! I love the detail that goes into these episodes, random occurrences in the backgrounds, the creative angles of animating, intriguing characters, creative surprises; in the end... it's all going in accordance with the plot. And these are getting pretty long too, pretty much like normal cartoon episodes. Nice work!