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The creators of Google talk about some great changes to the site.

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This is a Joke. Google can do with YouTube whatever they want but people will always be pissed.

Originally I was going to enter the voice clip of this in the voice acting contest. But they said NO to reverb and other things so I was like YOLO and made it a short.

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Meh, It's not as bad as it seems. I mean, it doesn't really get in the way, and if you dont care about social networking, it doesn't even bother. Even if you do, you probably use FB anyway. When you really think about it, FB is a lot worse, as it offers a lot less content for providing the same thing Google+ does (FB doesn't have a useful search engine or YouTube, for example) but it spies on you just as if not more heavily that Google does (considering the only thing they offer is social networking, not payment services or maps or any of the sorts) and now also include in your face ads, and let's not forget the phone apps it has - it makes Google+'s app seem humbly quite compared to how in-your-face-all-the-time Facebook's is.

And what is having Google+integration anyway, if not just having an account on a website that you could still use even without. Anyone complaining about that might as well complain about Newgrounds accounts, since you need to have one just to comment on it. Your not forced to directly use Google+; I've had one for months and haven't visited my page or the page of others except for maybe twice (excluding business pages). Seriously, it's like complaining about Newgrounds requiring you to have an account on here to comment; exactly the same.

Despite any of this, the animation and joke was still very hilarious. The voice acting was nice too. It makes anyone still complaining about it seem as paranoid as those who believe in the Illuminati/Reptile People/ Zeitgeist.

So, if you like YouTube but hate Google+, you can either:
1) Not use it
2) Suck it up
3) Make your own business with your own rules you think is better (bet you'd sell out too with a big enough check anyway if you got big enough, like YouTube originally did)
4) Join a conspiracy group.

So we have google being represented by the 3 weird conspiracy theories, that Jews run the world, that the illuminati run the world, and that there are people in power who are secretly reptile people. Yeah, I'm not kidding, there are really people who believe that.

As for me, I refuse to ever sign up for google+. As such, 5 months later now, I still can't comment on youtube, with the exception of some occasional videos which are anomalously exempted from this rule, like one of the Don Cheedle is Captain Planet videos. And you know what? One of these days it's going to catch up with Google. They're going to do something that people can't stand and Google is going to turn into Yahoo. Remember yahoo? Or as I like to call it today, "bizarro-google". Remember when you had a yahoo account that you actually used for things? Yeah, I remember when I had a yahoo account. 2007 was the end of that. It's hard to imagine using yahoo for anything anymore, isn't it. I only created a yahoo account again lately so I could reply a few times to this snarky idiot on a forum thread I ended up on when trying to research something, but that was all it was good for. Google is going to do the same thing, they're going to do enough stupid things that their plans for world domination are going to collapse like a house of cards and they'll be relegated to the yahoo club. Do you know what yahoo's been doing in the last few years? They've been using up the money they made in their heyday to buy up startup companies, HOPING to get an investment for the future, since we all know they can't make anything anyone cares about any more THEMSELVES, and then DESTROYING them, one after another, due to their criminal mismanagement by their bimbo CEO. And for the time being, they actually do have enough money to keep doing this, because although they're worthless and don't make any money on their own, by dumb luck, one of their earlier investments actually DID pan out, something called alibaba. Though they passed up a chance to buy out google in 1998. For one million dollars. That should serve as a cautionary story to google in my opinion. Keep going like you're going, and this is your future.

Oooh ooh! I know. A "Christmas Carol" parody, where Scrooge has a big "G" on his chest, and is visited by his 7-year-dead old friend with a "Y" on his chest, who warns him about his future if he keeps going like he's going! Oh that would be sweet!

they dun fucked it up this time!

Nice parody :)
Good work.

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Nov 20, 2013
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