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Arena Game (Assignment)

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Author Comments

This was an assignment for my "Diploma in Digital Media" course. We only had a short time to complete the project and were required to upload it to the internet.

I am well aware of the missing features and bugs but let me know what you think and how i could improve it!

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very well made but could use some difficulty and weapons

Good concept, this game would really cool if you could advance to other levels. When I got PLAYER WINS.. there was no back button. Also there were times where it was too obvious that the game uses the same Movie Clip. Maybe the enemy could spawn outside the players view.

Over all it the controls are good and it's fun. keep improving this game.

This game is great!

ways to improve would be maybe add a block or counter button and add some levels with different fighters, would have given 5 stars if it was a full game, Great work! :)

XReC0N responds:

Thanks man, yeah i'm definetly keen to continue working on this type of game after i've finished my course.

Story Line:
Well, you don't really have one.
And that means you should be having one.

It was pretty neat actually.
I'm impressed with it.

The moving around was nice and smooth.
But it gets to a point where if two player are at point blank range, they would stuck.

The music is awesome!
But change it as well from time to time :P

You need to work on the game play aspects.
Add something like power ups,
Or something that will give us an advantage.
As well as limited number of rounds or differently generated A.I.
Good luck!

XReC0N responds:

I'm glad you liked some aspects of the game. I definelty spent more time on the graphics, character and music more then anything else that was shown. The was no story or game play aspects because i ran out of time and had to make do with what i had. It was originally meant to be a stealth game, quite the opposite to what you see here.

I like it, but there is occasionally a glitch where the loading screen will overlap on the game screen, making it unplayable.

Will still rate 5/5. It can be fixed by reloading the page, and the game is fun enough to be played.

XReC0N responds:

Hmm strange, I've never actually seen that glitch but thank you for your feedback.
This is definitely just the bones, i had much larger plans for this project but ran short on time.