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Author Comments

Playful gents and playful ladies!
Let me be your smartass tonight,
Tell y' a story 'bout rabbs and preddies,
Also lives of struggling men...
May-be futures of ones havin' might.

Please don't be angry, this game is unlike a game. It tries to teach you about bitter truth, which is bitter, so you'll feel bad about it in the end. Just don't yell at me, 'cause it's intentional.
If you felt bad enough, vote me up! :D

Update: yeah, you found it impossible, I made some fine tuning, maybe the message will get through this way. But still very hard!

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It's kind of difficult to review this game given that the author seeks to defend how bad it is by claiming that it's not intended to be enjoyable (and hence that it's intended to be bad). He responds to negative reviews by claiming that he cannot beat the game, doesn't know how you would, and that down voting it is legitimate. The only way to play the game is with a cheat code ("slowfox") that you can't acquire except by decompiling the source code, since it's not intuitive and the hint is useless.

My advice in the future is to make a game that you would want to play, since if you as the author don't enjoy the game I suspect no one else will either. I'm going to try to be civil here so I won't bother talking about the childish nonsense you spew throughout the game in an attempt to justify your own poor life decisions.

The best case scenario for this game is that it served some sort of therapeutic purpose for its author in creating it, since it certainly can't be enjoyed, and from what I can tell was not even intended to be enjoyed by anyone ever.

kekcsi responds:

Justify my poor life decisions? Ah, I'm bleeding.
I appreciate you took the time to play, look up the cheat and write a deep and correct review.
No, I don't want to start arguing again. I liked the idea to make this game when I did, turns out it was not a good idea according to the audience. Sorry.

My only comment is why. I didn't see any point to the game except running and trying to read while running from predators which got me killed. Was there any effort put into this game? Because I'm not seeing it. Look bro, I'm usually pretty damn lenient and understanding on the criticisms to certain point but there is nothing to understand about the game. If this was a prototype I could understand a little bit.
I simply don't see this game being any real fun and apparently I'm not the only one...

I'd like to give you give you a star but there is nothing in this game worthy of one.. If I want the bitter truth, all I have to do is step outside my house.

kekcsi responds:

"If I want the bitter truth, all I have to do is step outside my house."
That's just right. You are wise and you don't need this game. ;) Down-voting is absolutely legit and I am very sorry. Maybe my next game. Or other one's game.

i understand how to play what i dislike is how hard it is to play the game if you hit something it takes some time before it get's going making it much harder than i feel is right. i do hope any games from you are better this game is not bad it's just not good it's ok.

If you would've just did some more stuff with the controls..
I would've rated it 4+

I give you half a star for succeeding on making a game that was made to make you think of the bitter truth. Sadly, from what i see, it seems your message is "no one wins. everyone is a loser and so are you. so you might as well just get murdered by foxes".
I was able to "win" by getting to that chequered spot there and getting the second medal. Which would be impossible to get unless you use the cheat that gets you the first medal. Still, just because you wanted to make a game where the message is the same as putting in a level where the creator laughs at you for even touching the game, making sure you die all the time with no exit anywhere as an "instant game over" room, that doesn't mean the controls need to be worse than playing old school DOS racing games, where the turning is loose as hell when your moving but when you slow down, your turning gets so tight that when you stop moving, you cannot turn, the foxes can go anywhere at almost the same speed as you (again, without the cheat) and if you touch any of the blocks sticking out, you are going to be stuck in them with little to no luck of getting out as the foxes come jumping at you with no mercy, as your rabbit with red eyes spins around, bleeding everywhere, having one fox stay as the other one runs over your corpse like they think they're faster than you.
To be honest... the game is poor in basically everything aside from frustrating to the average gamer. I have played far harder games than this, though, so it phases me. However, what i don't get is why you would create a game, one with the message you had in mind, that is more like an anti-game than anything. Punishing the player for enjoying and trying to win a short, simple game. Giving nothing to them but just slapped on pixels, 2 character sprites and 3 levels which are basically the same, with said message. No music, no sound effects, nothing visually or physically appealing.
I guess this is what you wanted to make, a game that no one can like. Because so far, that is working. Many people in the comments hate your game to the core and the few that "like" the game are basically the ones who lie and try to make you feel good or are those typical NGers that will 5 star any game, no matter how shit it is.
So yea, again, you get HALF a star for making a successful game where you piss off the players and give them no happiness or hope in return, but that's about it. Just because you wanted to make a game to make people angry, doesn't mean you have to half ass it.

kekcsi responds:

You understand the basics of this non-game. Understanding me makes me happy. Since this is uploaded to a game portal, not being a game in any common sense, I deserve nothing but low ratings. I should have uploaded it to an "interactivity-illustrated simple message" portal, which I could not find.

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1.81 / 5.00

Nov 19, 2013
5:41 PM EST
Skill - Other