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SqS5E2: Evacuation Drill

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I hope you enjoyed nearly FOUR MONTHS OF WORK on this episode. The Squishables participate in an evacuation drill. This is the first appearance of Extop, the teacher of this season's students, and hooray, hardly (if not none) any mouth loops used in this cartoon (not even for a bit)!

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well im feeling nice today so u get 2 stars for effort... other than that it was bad
the animation needs a LOT of work .... this thing took you 4 months? i would hate to see what takes u a week, honestly ...

get real vocie actors btw

Natty23 responds:

A LOT of work? Say that to the previous four seasons of The Squishables.

I'm a fan of most of your work, but everything about this feels forced and 'artificial', this is quite possibly one of the most boring plots for anything I have seen in a while, not even super gimicky music and sound effects can save this plot.

The computer voices are weird, try to use at least some grammar when you're inputting the text into your text to speech program and everything ends up sounding like complete gibberish, if you need subtitles than that's a surefire sign that there are some problems.

The dialogue and English is fucking shit, you still do not have a remotely decent grasp of the language because you still use stupid terms that make no sense like "less better," cartoons like this are the very definition of selling out, I expect Bake Sale to be better, Purple Day was 10 times better than this, take notes from yourself, thanks, bye