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Am I late to the anti google+ videos?

I am?

Oh ok :(

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True dat.

Too bad they merged with NG today.

Nice music and this is EXACTLY what i think about google+.

I Can Relate

I feel your pain, google has gotten out hand, we can only hope they realize their mistake before they get a riot on their hands

PixelMammoth responds:

If bobs army isn't an internet riot, I don't want to experience one

I can relate to this! In the past couple of weeks I can't count the times I've accidentally (I mean out of habit) clicked a comment like and been prompted to login... I don't even post comments, imagine all the hardships I'd have to suffer if I did! This video pretty much expresses everything I feel, I don't dislike Google +, but I dislike everything about this integration. Great video, great choice of music. Keep it going! And no it's never too late... not until they fix the issue.