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Metallica. Guess the Solo

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>> Actually, it`s not the full game, it`s like a demo version of future game <<

A simple quiz dedicated to Metallica. You listen a short piece of the solo (~10 sec) and try to guess what song is it.
You have only 3 lifes and 10 second to give a correct answer. Just point, click and win!
Current version has 38 solos from "Kill `Em All" to "Black Album" albums.

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Nice work on this great soundtrack and great challenge value

Um......quick question, did you even try on this game. I'm a true blue Metallica fan and I didn't even have to try on this game cause guessed almost every song right. I never went to any of their concerts but I know what their songs are suppose to sound like, the only thing I heard was the guitar but I barely heard Lars drums, it's like it was filtered out because it would ruin the guitar solo. And I don't think anyone on this site speaks a foreign language. This "quiz" you call it brings nothing new to the table but I guess if you were looking to make a tribute for them I say you did pretty well, however, one key problem is that the songs sometimes repeat. Metallica doesn't do that! Nor will they ever. Spruce up on your work a bit and I'm sure this game will become more popular. Thanks for submitting this.

I fun with this nice work ^ ^

DoctorQueb responds:


The game would not load at all.

DoctorQueb responds:

I don`t know, what is your problem but game is working :)

Cool idea for a quiz game. Being a big Metallica fan I really enjoyed this. I don't know if there's an end to it, or if you're supposed to go through all 38, but I stopped playing after the 10th question or so. (I got 9 of 10 correct!) I honestly found that listening to the rhythm guitar in the background made it much easier to identify the song the solo belongs to. :P The only beef I have is that in the 10 or so questions I went though there were two repeats (Fade to Black and To Live is to Die) that's something that needs to be fixed, especially if the game doesn't end until you've gone through all 38 solos (that basically makes an already long quiz ridiculous.) A good start, though!

DoctorQueb responds:

Thanks ;)