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Twisted Transparency{DVD}

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After five years my trilogy of comics is complete, "A Twisted Transparency" is the final comic in my saga, and also my first animated film.

You can choose to read or watch it, personally I would watch it first, then read it once over in case you miss anything.

While you may be able to understand the basic story in this film without reading the other two comics I did. I would suggest you read em anyway, cause you'll get a better picture of what I was aiming for as a whole with these submissions.

The Sugar Claws: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/580720


There are a shitload of extra features, but I guess the most interesting one will be the "Harmony Dossier" especially if you had trouble following the story, or want to know more about the universe.

Thanks for the last five years newgrounds, it's been a pleasure!
Add me to your favourites if you wanna follow my stuff, and I do eventually reply to all reviews!

Lots of love,
- Celx

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Hey, love your work mate!
Just had 2 questions about this vid:
What's it's relation to CoolJaw and Sugar Claws
and where can we read the comic for ourselves?
That's all.

It's a great movie and concept art, I loved it! However, the only thing I would suggest is that you should set more time to read all the text in the movie. That way you won't need to put the comic with the movie and you would be able to save space for other things.

Found this on release and ended up watching the entire trilogy backtobacktoback . Amazing work, very detailed and am definitely a follower.

Now i feel old, but after all this time this is still as good as it ever was, maybe even better.

This is awesome.
It's dark, artistic, moody, cool, collected, and all in a silent film type of format!
I really like the visual approach you used, it somehow commands and takes charge of the emotion you're portraying. Very well done.
I've never seen any of your work before this, but I'll be on the look out for your future projects.
Keep up the great work!