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Call Your Pets 5 Points

Summon The Wyvern 25 times

Mercy 5 Points

Kills 50 Enemies

The Defender 5 Points

Survive until wave 10

Call The Buddies 10 Points

Summon The Wyvern 50 times

No Mercy 10 Points

Kills 100 Enemies

The Survivor 10 Points

Survive until wave 20

Killer 25 Points

Kills 250 Enemies

The Protector 25 Points

Survive until wave 30

The Summoner 25 Points

Summon The Wyvern 100 times

Destroyer 50 Points

Kills 500 Enemies

Master Of Dragon 50 Points

Upgrade all dragon's skills in Hatchery

Master of Iron 50 Points

Upgrade all items in Blacksmith

The Champion 50 Points

Survive until wave 40

The Dragon Tamer 50 Points

Summon The Wyvern 250 times

Greedy 100 Points

Collect 99999 coins

Author Comments

The Red Bandit's Gang name Valevox came from Midland to steal the dragon's eggs in the floating Isle. You as The Protector of Dragon's Isle defends it from Valevox's Gang. Use your red dragon and the other dragons to defeat the red bandit armies!


Defend the island, collect coins and survive from the bandits!

'A,S,W,D buttons' - Movements
'Direction of Mouse' - Targeting
'Click Left Mouse button' - Shot Fireball
'Hold Click Left Mouse button & release'- Shot 5 Fireballs (Pierce Attack)
'SPACE button' - Summon Wyvern

'P button' - Paused
'M button' - Mute / Unmute

- When your Red Dragon low health or stamina return to 'Cleric's Pedestal' (blue) in Dragon's Isle.
- When you have a lot of coins, upgrading hero & red dragon's stats in 'Blacksmith's Pedestal' (yellow) in Dragon's Isle.
- When you have a lot of coins, upgrading other dragon's skills in 'Hunter's Pedestal' (red) in Dragon's Isle.
- Mouse over on coins will make coins move toward you.

*Android version: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=air.theDragooner

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i like game this 4.5 star

need checkpoint OR auto save

This game has a lot of potential. Great idea and gameplay. Graphics and sounds are also great. Really, this could be one of my favorites here on NG, specially because I love dragons. However, you made some major mistakes regarding balancing. In my opinion, you should seriously edit some things.

First of all, game pace. Sometimes the enemies take too long to arrive. Other times, you can barely heal and they are already there. You could say that you have to fly out to fight them, but we should then agree that the character is extremely slow, considering he's riding a dragon... You have to balance that. A little tension is OK, sure it is. Bue waiting more than 20 seconds for a wave to arrive gets boring over time.

Another big thing: upgrades and rewards. Not enough gold, too boring to collect it. Maybe a "magnet" upgrade would help, or some sort of income. Also, the price of many of the upgrades didn't feel right, considering how little the enemies give.

Well, I scored 15k and died in the 21th wave. I click retry. And I come back, in the same wave, with zero cash and zero upgrades. Is it supposed to be like this? I think that's insane, you should keep your stuff, since it's pretty hard to get...

Finally, I might be mistaken, but I think the Wyvern medals are not working. I'm pretty sure I've summoned it more than 25 times...

Well, I hope you find this useful. I'm really rooting for you here, this game can be great if you find the right pace and balancing! Good luck!

It was a pretty good concept, although it gets pretty boring and repetitive.


I like it quite a bit. The art is well done.
My only issue, and why i didn't score higher, is the lag I'm experiencing.
Any time I shoot it freezes.

Credits & Info

3.33 / 5.00

Nov 16, 2013
8:39 AM EST