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Point and click to slay your enemies in this tactical battle game. Use your MOUSE to combine ninjas, click to break the formation. Collect coins for upgrades and magic spells.


You can win every level only with the littlest ones! :D


Great game but unbalanced, only 3 of the troops are really helpful, using the rest will get you killed

Game guide

I beat the game only using various combos of 3 kinds of troops, archer (2), hammer warrior (4), and potion thrower (MAX). The reason these 3 are important is because the warrior will last longer than any other troop and seems to heal himself from time to time, the archer is the strongest way to use your units and is incredibly lethal when fast attack is activated yet they are easily killed. Lastly the potion thrower is helpful because he can attack multiple enemies, has good hp, and mainly his special effect of rising the dead ONLY USE HIM WHEN THERE IS ALOT OF ENEMYS TO KILL.

"but im using a combo of the three but im dieing..."
Make sure you upgrade all your spell to max, even if you have to grind for a bit, it wont take long
next make sure all 3 have their special ability. When your leveling attack and def make sure that you always buy the cheapest option first.

"still dying..."
Make sure your using the right combo, remember
archers deal the most damage ( utilize fast attack mode with them )
warriors can take the most damage ( utilize heal with them )
throwers are only good when there is a bunch of weak enemies on the field and are rarely necessary. ( Utilize shock spell to group enemies for them )

very easy and profitable waves
Boss1- just archers, make sure to use fast attack when skeletons aren't in the way
Boss2- just archers
Boss3- just warriors
make sure to kill each boss about 3 times to grind a little bit of extra cash real fast.

I hope this was helpful, if you found any other troop that was critical to your success please leave a small note in your review correcting me please.

Nice graphics, but boring game. Very repeatable stuff.

Good game! Use all of the units to your advantage some can counter others better than some.

Great Game. Last level is easy if you use the right units. No spoiler, just pay attention to your unit and use the right 1.

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3.96 / 5.00

Nov 14, 2013
7:48 AM EST
Strategy - Other
  • Daily 5th Place November 15, 2013