Furtive Dao

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A enthralling action-puzzle in Chinese style! Help the Red Panda to raise money for the shelter!


30 unique levels
6 levels of the saving
6 unique enemies
original soundtrack

Enjoy, Deqaf Studio


I gave it an extra start because they got rid of the annoying Game Ark opening. But the controls were terrible, the guy popping up every level to tell me what o do...even if I was replaying a level, and the ridiculous lag on a game that did not have any reason to lag still limits it to 2 stars. And I am not even getting into the concept of a ninja trying to raise money for an orphanage...but the gam requires you to kill people even if you have collected all the money. A total lack of understanding on ninjas, who would only attack when absolutely necessary..

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Nice game except that ending disappointed me?
In the end everything was fake and it was just a movie?
So the kids were not actually orphans but child actors lol.
I did like the buying stuff for the home it motivated me to finish the game and finish all stages perfectly Level 24 was hardest for me to finish it perfectly.
you need to go to climb right wall and jump fast on next wall so the other archer does not see you.
He gets alarmed at first but if you jump fast right guard do not shoot you.
I found last levels easier since I did not had limited jumps.

Nice trick. The same old game but with a kitten refuge. I just played to help the kitties.

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fell in love with this game, is so tender, well, I like that in this game is to help homeless children. I would like this to be done in real life more often. It is the first game that really makes my favorite.

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Not often do I play through an entire game, but this game was too good to not try to get all the coins--great job!

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4.04 / 5.00

Nov 14, 2013
3:22 AM EST
Action - Other