A story of Noah's Ark

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This is the second toon my partner buckcash (buckcash.com) has done for me. There are a few dropped frames here and there. But for his fifth flash I would say he did pretty well.

More to come. All of our movies will focus on the antics of religion and expose things that believers of various faiths may not have considered about their faith.


Awesome, man.

Are you going to make more religion movies? This one rocked. Maybe you should become a theologist. Your religious insights could bring down the whole fucking religious complex.

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i though is was very good and artistic, it showed the truth and had a moral to it to!

that's the way it goes

if we suppose, that god exists, this concludes he hates everyone. he would have landed in hell long ago if he would judge himself like all the others. religion is an evil itself that will disappear in the age of information automatically in time. people will be intolerant of those who profess a judeo-christian-islamic religion. eventually, religion will be viewed as a harmful nuisance and will be outlawed from society. an eye for an eye creates blindness.

john lennon was right.

cool movie

really great movie.
The last guy who rewieved sounded like a religious dude...i hate cristianity. My ancestars thousand years ago could do everything that people should have the power to do..like dancing naked and having orgies in the woods. But no...freaking cristian bastards had to rape everything and make some crappy religion that has stolen every holiday from other pagan religions and now theres actually people who are buyng the crap that they write in the bible...such a horrible world.


God is an indiscriminate killer a heartless mass murderer. If he was living in America theese days he would be prosecuted with millons of counts of murder in the first degree. If he was prosecuted in the Bible-Belt he would be executed, the most religious would kill their god. The Romans got it right.

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2.33 / 5.00

Sep 4, 2002
2:14 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody