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A story of Noah's Ark

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This is the second toon my partner buckcash (buckcash.com) has done for me. There are a few dropped frames here and there. But for his fifth flash I would say he did pretty well.

More to come. All of our movies will focus on the antics of religion and expose things that believers of various faiths may not have considered about their faith.


My god, that's terribly offensive

I can't believe that, that was the most offensive thing I've seen in a while. You probably have the entire, meat eating, republican christian society wanting to redispense some inquisistion on your ass... I, on the other hand, loved it and thought it wonderful and great and good. Perhaps we should all be muslim.

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yeah guy

yeah, so true, so great. i love you people. and to the religious scu, out there...just shut the fuck up you ignorant fucks who dont even know shit about their own religion


i have a couple of things to say here first being i like the way you think reginald. second being a msg to this "true free thinker" YOU FUCKING HIPOCRITE first of all how can u claim to be a true free thinker when u have sterotyped all athiests not referring to the author in ur rant by name but as the "athiests" so in ur eyes all us athiests are blasphamist fools who like to push their views onto everyone!! lets look at a few things 1 man and 1 woman cannot populate the earth because their children could not reproduce together as it would turn out diasbled children so if adam and eve did exist then we would all be disabled. how can there be a god if there is so much FUCKING HATE AND BAD SHIT ON EARTH? hmm? and if there is a god then he must be a fucking asshole. and as for the guy who says were going to hell where is this hell? in the bowls of the earth? well its apperently hot in hell so it must be near the core where its all molten rock and iron!! yes it all makes sense now!!! and this heaven, in the clouds? would the rocket ships that flew out into space not have passed it on the way out of our atmosphere? and if its there then god must have a hard time breathing with so little oxygen!

Truth Has Finally Been Told

Looks like a few people have finally opened their eyes and looked at the world around them. If there is a god then it is evident he dosnt give a damn, and resembles more of a little kid with a magnifying glass on top of an anthill. he is a selfish bastard who deserves no respect and if he does love everyone as a father then wouldnt he be here on earth trying to guide us along? The truth is he dosent exist. Wanna know a secret??? Religion was invented to help bring order to the masses as a spirutial pipedream with hopes that there is something better. The bible is called the good book, because thats all it is.. a good book. (and it sucks in my opinion)

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jesus freak

I see jesus freak here is good at cut and paste

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2.33 / 5.00

Sep 4, 2002
2:14 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody