A story of Noah's Ark

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This is the second toon my partner buckcash (buckcash.com) has done for me. There are a few dropped frames here and there. But for his fifth flash I would say he did pretty well.

More to come. All of our movies will focus on the antics of religion and expose things that believers of various faiths may not have considered about their faith.


GOD SUX!!!!!

okaii so god might not want to torture people forever, but who the **** is he to punish people, god kills, tortures people etc like everyone else so he "says" he "loves us" why not worship him and his ****** up religion?

This Movie rocks!!!good on yah!


Hi, I thought it was interesting. I used to believe the stuff in your movie until I paused to actually think about it, so I appreciate you putting the fundamentalist position so plainly! Intriguingly the Old Testament (or at least the *good* translations) mention the after-life very little and there is very little evidence that the ancient Hebrews believed in any kind of Hell - that actually came from nations like the Greeks, Egyptians and Babylonians. Also there are lots of verses in the New Testament that suggest that eventually all will be saved (for example Paul calls God the saviour of all, *especially* those who believe, rather than exclusively! He also says where sin abounded, grace abounded much more) and when Jesus says eternal, the Greek transcripts say "age-during".
I found your movie funny/tragic. On one hand, God's huge finger was pretty hilarious. On the other hand, so many people have spread the evil doctrine that God wants to torture people forever that it's just not funny.

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Ahh the many flaws and loopholes of christianity

First off I would like to say the flash wasn't all that great although god pushing the little girl under was kinda funny. Now that that's out of the way it's time for a couple beliefs. I do believe in God however I think that most organized religions have gotten to mixed up with the view of men. Such as all non-christians will go to hell for their blasphemy. Does this include small children who had no way of converting to christianity becuase of their location or time period? Also how is it that an all powerful and all knowing being has so many of mankinds imperfections? Also many of the stories in the bible are just that stories. You would really think that the freeing of all the jews, the opening of the red sea, and the drowning of the pharoahs men would of be recorded in atleast ONE other text besides the bible. My views are not becuase I like bashing religions but becuase I like bashing christianity becuase it instantly tells you how to think and narrows your train of thought by fear of eternal torment. As for noahs ark and the flood I just can't see god being to petty as to kill all the sinners as well as the innocent children and such instead of giving atleast some warning or proff besides that of ancient text.

again in ur faces

i saw this a while back when i didnt have an account. Hmmm our nonexistent god decided to flood the whole place just cause we existed fantastic what r the morals there bible thumpers? damn straight! My motto: The Bible it's Holy Shit. As for the flash the animations left something to be desired but the songs were ironic which i loved. Noah was a fagchild (as if he existed). I believe Jesus existed but as a mental patient not a saviour. Why does god have disasters to test our faith if disasters make feel shittier we might as well call god satan and leave the other guy out.

It's what happened

That's what happened, god was tired of sin and killed everyone. Sux to be them. Just improve your animation and you'll be good to go in my book.

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Sep 4, 2002
2:14 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody