A story of Noah's Ark

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This is the second toon my partner buckcash (buckcash.com) has done for me. There are a few dropped frames here and there. But for his fifth flash I would say he did pretty well.

More to come. All of our movies will focus on the antics of religion and expose things that believers of various faiths may not have considered about their faith.


good point

you'd think the christians would at least try to make sense while trying to brainwash everyone, anyone who stands up, and tries to force beliefs or ideas on people should be dragged into the street and shot. the christians really are as bad as scientology

Would have been a lot better without the opening

Your argument about the absurdity of God creating sinners only to damn them while still allegedly being a loving being is always a good question to ask the Christians, but the bit with the girl is not very well done and I'm sure people would be more open minded about this without it.


To all the fruitcakes that wrote stupid reviews before about how "we have redemption" and shit, well, lemme tell you something: why should we take that kind of shit from someone that thinks he's so mighty powerful, never shows himself, and is only written about in books that nobody really can tell were either novels, poetry, or diaries.

Give me a break.

This movie is everything most blinded christians don't even know, and when you tell them about it, they think it's just awesome how we should all be thankful for all the useless killing god did. There's also some stupid excuse to even stupider Bible facts that all christians will come up with, such as the "redemption" crap from before. Christians choose a life of misery, apparently, all they ever do is ask for redemption for crap they never did. GIVE ME A BREAK! How the hell am I related to some moron that lived in a "garden of eden" that nobody can actually find proof of its existence on earth, and how the hell are we continually finding mummies and skeletons that date way before whatever the date the bible tells us that we appeared on earth?

If God is so almighty, why is he CREATING sinners? isn't HE supposed to be creating us? so yeah, "GOD" decided that some people were sinners just because he's that much of an asshole. Fuck this useless religion, fuck all that useless joking around. If you're gonna be some dumbass christian that can't open his eyes by himself and that absolutely needs some moron GOD to dictate your life and give you a reason for living it, then you deserve to die like little 3 year old assclown michelle from the movie. Wait, no, that didn't make sense, because that would mean that I agree that people should be tortured (HELLO: HELL IS AN INVENTION OF CHRISTIANS!). Just die and leave us smart and illuminated people (aka: non-moronic christians, atheists, and whatever you wanna be called) alone! morons.

um... let me say just one thing...

remember this was BEFORE B.C God never forgave anyone back then and since his son saw better good in us we NOW GET REDEMPTION so this movie is....sadly...true :( because we were sinners and went to hell but thanks to J.C :) we can go to heaven...

kinda sad how this movie is partially true :/

Ok that's not how it went down.

the kids and fetuses prrobibly went to heven.
And the other people had the choice to go with Noah but they chose not to.
effectivly killing the people they loved.

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Sep 4, 2002
2:14 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody