A story of Noah's Ark

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This is the second toon my partner buckcash (buckcash.com) has done for me. There are a few dropped frames here and there. But for his fifth flash I would say he did pretty well.

More to come. All of our movies will focus on the antics of religion and expose things that believers of various faiths may not have considered about their faith.


It sucked...

I'm talking about the flash. Good concept and I see the message you were trying to get across, but it could've been executed MUCH better.


Absolutely funny! And I agree, the bible is a load of bull. Also, to J-mar:

Have you ever considered the fact that religion was created by a bunch of farmers before any real understanding of the universe was around, and these farmers were quite probably under the influence of fungus based hallucinogens that were growing on the wheat and rye in their fields?


I thought it was obvious that God destroyed the inhabitants of the earth because He is the creator of Life and all of His creation became corrupt which is contrary to His universe of order. Glory to God that He gave Noah a chance to live and have kids such as we who aren't going to Hell. Glory to God for atoning for my sins on the cross instead of killing me like He allowed those who sinned against Him like Satan. As surely as Hitler, Nero, and Satan will pay for what they have chosen according to the laws of God's creation, Yeshua, the son of God, will return to reign on earth for the 7th millenium...the seventh day of rest...the sabbath. EVen the flood fulfilled the picture of the second day of creation which shows the second millenium of earth.

true thing

the final part was kinda funny and; memrex, if according to you Science is bad how come you have a computer??


it wasnt funny :/ not much to it either. sounds more like a rant sort of thing.

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Sep 4, 2002
2:14 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody