Run Jeff!

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Run Jeff!

Now featuring rainbow mode (crash into skulls and ignite them in flames while scoring loads of bonus points).

Collect KEYS to unlock item powerups or even a cool pair of shades for Jeff to wear.

Grab the red points multiplier to increase the value of the golden treasures.

Grab the blue bonus multiplier to increase the points awarded for doing certain things.

Avoid the skulls (unless rainbow mode active).

Eat rare HEALTH ORBS to increase health.

Have fun! Compete for a high score!

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Funny, is a game simple, but with a very effective gameplay. I haven't found bug, but the graphic is low, why you can't change to medium or high? However, great work.
Ah, another question, why Ultrapitchfork, the artist of the game, have removed all of theirs drawings on newgrounds? I love Ultrapithcfork works, I want to know what happened to him...

PabMo responds:

Thanks! Graphics are set to low just because on high I'm sure it would lag on some computers, and I like how it looks. I wanted the game to run as smooth as possible so it's easier for people to focus.

I'm glad someone's still having fun with this, it hasn't been getting much attention. So it's great to log on and see this review!

UltraPitchFork! I wish I knew what happened to him. I've been wondering that myself, I haven't heard anything from him in over a year. I do hope he's ok. Last I heard he was working full time doing graphics for Facebook games with some production company. I've sent him emails and have not heard back. He was my favourite artist on NG too so I hope he returns.

Thanks for the review I really appreciate it!

From PabMo.

Didn't a simplified version of this used to exist but with medals? I remembered getting all the medals for that but I checked my medals page and that game isn't there so I assume it was blammed or something?

If you removed it willingly, why? Some of those medals were hard to get. Other people have up multiple versions of pretty much the same game -- for example Evolvo and Evolvo Plus.

PabMo responds:

Hi NeonSpider.

Yes! There was a much simpler version called 'Run Jeffrii Run' with a bunch of medals. In hindsight it really shouldn't have been released since it was not quite polished. But the main reason I removed it was because the scoreboard was hacked, and the main purpose of this game is for the high scores.

I had to take it down so I could add in Mochi API which allows me to delete fake scores whereas the NewGrounds API does not. Hmm what do you think I should do? I could add medals to this game tonight, or re-publish the old one. Send me a PM with your ideas if you wish to. Thanks for playing anyway!

From PabMo.

Pretty cool game, maybe it can become something greater though? It seems really simple. Could be better with more upgrades, different levels, and a medal system. Also, it would be cool if we could have weapons with limited ammo to shoot the skulls instead of dodging them!

PabMo responds:

Thanks wild :)

Yeah there's certainly room for improvement, and those are some really great ideas! I'd love to incorporate different levels, maybe as part of a larger story. And maybe a store between levels to purchase the upgrades you mentioned. I'd just need a new artist is all, I haven't been able to contact the artist for 'Dino Jeffrii' (see my profile) in over a year.

Weapons would be awesome. And maybe living enemies like cave monsters to fight along the way, could enter some kind of battle if you run into them. There is a lot of potential, I'm glad you could see that.

Thanks for the review and the great score!

From PabMo.


PabMo responds:

It's 4am in Australia and I am still awake but why.

I feel like your artwork has such potential to be wasted in a mediocre game. Its not bad, it's just feels, uninspired and repetitive, it feels common. The design on character and props is very well made though, I love em.

PabMo responds:

Yeah most of the main artwork (the path, rocks and Jeff) were made to be used in another game you can see on my profile. It's called Dino Jeffrii, I think you will like it. But that game was never completed so I wanted to do something with the graphics and decided to make this mini game of sorts. So you're right on that, but thanks for playing anyway! :)

From PabMo.

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3.42 / 5.00

Nov 13, 2013
12:01 PM EST
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