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You know, the world needs to be saved. Somehow it is always in danger. And there is always a hero that you can count on at times like this. A hero that you can look up to. But sometimes, there comes a hero, a bit different and unorthodox in his ways. This is the story of that hero. Relive the memory of a mad guy who saved the world and ended up in an asylum.

Unlock different weapons, pickup random effects, kill swarms of enemies and different bosses, bring your own apocalypse on the aliens.



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I want to cut this game up into a fine powder, mix it with battery acid and bleach, then use a needle to inject the mixture directly into my retina.
the sheer magnitude of orgasms that this game has caused me to experience is incredible.

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UmutDervis responds:

Hah, this comment made my day! Glad you liked it, thank you very much! :)

Graphics, music, sounds, gameplay, wits - all was average, fun and good looking. The weapons were fun and the bigger ones satifying powerful. Good idea with the random dice - but after you upgraded everything there should be a possibility to spend your research points. I am at level 13 and all is maxed and I still die because of (my low gamer qualities;) the small arena and the too-far-away spacebar. If WASD is customizable why isnt the spacebar? The pick up key should be 'e' or 'q' to make the gameplay more fluent. After all a respectable arena shooter - I miss new ideas.

UmutDervis responds:

Hi, thanks for the comment! Yeah, I'm getting rightful complaints about customization of spacebar. I wanted to simplfy things by not adding it because key-binding screen was somehow also an instruction screen, and I thought left-handed people can still choose their movement keys according to the position of spacebar. Now I see it was a mistake.

Difficulty is another thing that gets interesting and different responses. I wish I hadn't removed the difficulty selection :)


Great graphics, a hilarious storyline, fluent gameplay - no doubt, this has the potential for a hit game. However, two flaws prevent to make this good game a great one:

1. Why do we have to use space to collect bonus items? With one hand on the mouse and the other on WASD, that's just impractical and tedious for players. Give us at least the chance to redefine the keys, or better yet, simply let the character collect the bonus items when he walks over them.
2. NGlers don't care for ingame-batches that none of the community here can see. Add NG-medals and maybe even a highscore-system, and you will get way more views, votes and positive feedback.

Just to clarify: I like this game, that's why I care to write this review. I hope there will be a "Madville 2" without the mentioned flaws, I guess this will be a game with even more views, a better score and a higher daily award.

UmutDervis responds:

Hi there, I'm glad you liked the game! Quickly to your questions:

1. When I allowed picking up by walking over, there was too many unintentional weapon changes especially at the fast pace of later levels, and so many wasted health packs at the wrong time. But I should have given a way to change spacebar, I thought I was making it simpler because it was also mixed with instructions screen etc. Not the brightest idea ever, now I know that one :)

2. I couldn't find time for this unfortunately. I love NG and would love to make a special edition for here but releasing a game (especially with an another sponsor) can be messy at times. But I will definitely try this if I will be able to release a sequel / new game.

Thanks for the detailed comment!

Not a bad game. The humor was good. It was too easy. I was fully maxed out on upgrades by Lv. 12. I only died once, on the boss fight, because the random bonus. I think a bigger arena that spawned enemies a little faster and the health drop should be less often.

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4.12 / 5.00

Nov 13, 2013
9:42 AM EST
Action - Fighting - Brawler