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You know, the world needs to be saved. Somehow it is always in danger. And there is always a hero that you can count on at times like this. A hero that you can look up to. But sometimes, there comes a hero, a bit different and unorthodox in his ways. This is the story of that hero. Relive the memory of a mad guy who saved the world and ended up in an asylum.

Unlock different weapons, pickup random effects, kill swarms of enemies and different bosses, bring your own apocalypse on the aliens.


Damn near perfect. I want more!

This game just completely took over my life for an hour and a half. I haven't had this much fun with an upgrade-a-thon/arena-shooter in a very, VERY long time. I loved the upgrade system, I loved the weapons, although some were pretty useless, like the tazer and saw, but I'm more a mid-range kind of guy. ^^

The gameplay didn't get stale, as you always know that there will be a big boss-fight soon, and the random effect dice was an amazing way to break up the gameplay, whether it was something useful, like the "Duckie gun" (LOL), the Kill-everything-by-pointing-at-it-lazer gun, the drag and dropper, the "Smashy hand" thingy, the mine layer or the fart powder, or something that temporarily ramped up the challenge for a bit, like the one that makes the player invisible, the one that seemed to make the controls *slippery*, meaning you had to compensate for any change of direction you needed to make, or the hilarious "Enemies are now humungous" effect.

As a whole, very, VERY enjoyable game that had me hooked from start to finish.

If I had to give one critique, It would have to be -

Please, make more levels, make more weapons, make more effects on the randomizer dice, and in general, I suppose, just keep building upon it, not that there wasn't already enough of all of those things, but I'd honestly like to see this as a bigger project. If you worked on this, made the game last longer, and kept the hilarious story going for a bit longer, I'd happily pay for this if it was on Steam.

Maybe consider trying to get it greenlit? I'd donate towards the $100 fee that goes in to getting the game in to the greenlight system, and I'm pretty sure many others that enjoyed this game would too.

I know you consider this game finished now, but I'd truly like to see it expanded upon.

Whatever you choose to do, be safe in the knowledge that the game you made absolutely made someone's day. Good luck with future projects, and should you choose to expand upon this game, please let us know!

I write music, by the way, and if you like the demos I have on the audio hub, I'd gladly make some music for you, free of charge.

Thanks for making my day so much more fun. ^^

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UmutDervis responds:

Hey there, I seriously needed to take some breaths before writing a reply to such an amazing comment. Thank you very much for your kind words and your appreciation, believe me I am more than happy now!

I want to be able to make a game that would have enough depth to sell on Steam, I don't know if it would be something similar to this or not, but when I receive feedback such as yours, it definitely reminds me why I do this and gives me the strength to continue. I hope one day I'd be able to make that game and let you know :) Thanks!

By the way, your music is rad, so if the right project comes along, why not? Also subscribed to your youtube channel, loved those let's plays!

Thank you again!

this is not really my type of game but the controls are very comfortable and i know there are people who like this, well done!

it isnet to hard actully kus i only died 2 times :P.

This is one of the best action games Newgrounds has seen in a very long time. Madville is just absolutely amazing. It's challenging, fun, posses a great soundtrack, and the enemies and plot is satisfyingly creative. Great job!!!

UmutDervis responds:

Hey thanks! I am really glad you liked it!

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4.12 / 5.00

Nov 13, 2013
9:42 AM EST
Action - Fighting - Brawler