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Trucido 2.0

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Nov 11, 2013 | 6:35 PM EST

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Author Comments

Let me just make this clear, because it seems there was confusion:
I made this 3 years ago. I am also not reponsible for the testosterone-crazed techno dubstep I happened to listen to at the time. I also regret it's use of little to no fighting. Don't look at it objectively. Look at it as a half-shitty drawing you found on my mom's fridge.

So, in review:
1. This is from around December 2011.
2. I have improved incrementally since this video.
3. Take it with a grain of salt and relax.
4. If you require my own view of the animation to like it, then scroll below to the tale of woe...

Keep going.

If you're still reading, then I might as well tell you a wonderful and happy story of why this video was made:
My most beloved animation teacher, Captain Kumomo (Mr. Camargo) was on his way out of my school. Part of the reason he left was because of pressure from the administration for his ideas, namely the creation of art electives for all of highschool, not just 11th and 12th grade, giving people more artfully inclined a chance at a better time and less nose-bleeds from dodgeball. He came to me one day and discussed it, and eventually I became the co-conspirator of the idea, if you will. He was my only favorite teacher at the time, because he didn't hate me or give me bad grades, and he even hung out late so I could stay and animate on the school computers (I did not have Flash). The "animation department" as we called it became a Comics and Anime Club during after-school hours. There we would meet people just like us, hang out, watch anime shows that were slightly too violent for school, and animate to our hearts content. Before he left, he helped me get student discounts on Adobe Flash CS4, the version I use to this day.
But I wanted to do something for him.
I brain-stormed with my best friends (who, by the way, are also gone) and we decided to hit Arts Night with a big and glorious send off to the mysterious animation club in the tiny 5th floor computer room. The Arts Night event would be crowded with parents and teachers, the exact audience we wanted to plead to for help. I worked on Trucido, my friends worked on smaller projects, but eventually we decided to use mine as the vehicle. Originally, the text at the beginning would have gone like this:
"And before we begin, the Animation Department would like to acknowledge the efforts and generosity of Mr. Camargo."
"He has taught us everything we know now, and we would hate to see him go."
"Before he leaves tonight, we'd like to declare one statement to the audience:"
"Mr. Camargo is our inspiration, and he should be allowed to inspire more students like us, who have the talent but not the skill. Never let skill go to waste."

I have thought about why I deleted that text before submitting it to this day. And I don't have the answer.

Anyway, this video uses almost nothing but sprites from the 2011 Christmas present given by Terkoiz to his YouTube followers. I still totally get credit for that one really cool green explosion as the guy falls to Earth, right?



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I got a kick out of this, i too made an animation with music i was into at the time, but later regreted. the vid quality and animation is good as well as your angles of perspective, its fun making action scenes etc with stick figure like characters


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Dat font doe.

NobodiAnimation responds:

Damn girrrl, dat font be smack, nah'm sayin' my brutha.


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I love terkoiz too, and I think this is great. One thing you could improve on: Don't add white face to a black head. Too much detail. Also, if possible, make black the enemy. They are simple, and your character should be special. (Fllffl is green, Mr. Shock the red guy is red, Yoyo is blue, you know) If the people are too focused on stuff other than the fighting, then that should not happen. However, if you wanted everything to be black and white because of the atmosphere that is created, okay then! After all, I'm a guy with no experience and all I've done is just watch a ton of these videos. But this is great!

NobodiAnimation responds:

Thanks, dude... Can I just say, however, that this animation is the equivalent of a stupid pencil sketch you drew in class while Mrs. Dewilliger was talking about grammar exceptions, and maybe you take it out at the nerd lunch table to share with your friends. My animation teacher went ballistic over it, but that was because it was literally the first fully-planned animation I'd ever done. I'm proud of it in the way you'd be proud of a terrible crayon drawing from when you were 7, depicting a stick figure version of your first "girlfriend", or something else just as sentimental.

But no, I agree it's a piece of shit. If you want my say on it, read the new description.


Rated 3 / 5 stars

Hate the music!

NobodiAnimation responds:

I hate it too. I have completely changed music preference since this, because remember: This was made, like, 3 years ago. Don't look at it objectively. Look at it as that crap-ass drawing on my mom's fridge.

Read the new description so you know what's up.