Murder Scene: First Take

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You guys probably have seen my first video where audio wasn't playable (and my comment war with dumb asses), but this video took time and effort, so I made sure to fix all the bugs and stuff. See the YouTube version to support my friend's YouTube channel. I know he sucks at animation but don't worry I'll help him out.


Good job bro. Try getting some voice actors from Newgrounds, it'll motivate ya.

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DarkYagami321 responds:

This was a project that I used to test out audio equipment. But, I guess you can tell by comparing this to my most recent work...

The music choices, I think, were okay. The uh... Dialogue and everything.. style.. Made it all seem silly. I liked it, because it made me laugh. Though I am not sure if it was deliberately done this way.. IF.. it was supposed to serious.. it could take some work. However, I see great potential for a uh.. form of comedy? I liked it.

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DarkYagami321 responds:

Yeah, it wasn't supposed to be too serious. More like a comedy, crime, and action type of skit. Thanks for the advice...

I say it still needs a lot of work on the audio and the directing side.
It's hard to follow because the voices sound like you've been speaking in a box and music is at times too loud to hear what people are saying to each other.
This what was made me lose interest in the story.
Work on the audio side a lot. A lot more. Then remember that characters sometimes are not speaking, but thinking to themselves. Introduce those pauses in the dialogues giving a better rhythm to the scene we're looking at.

DarkYagami321 responds:

Thanks, I guess...

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Nov 11, 2013
7:21 AM EST