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Balls mix

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In the fantasy world of multi-colored balls filled all the available space. Balls flattened under its own weight. Press the balls mouse click. More than two identical balls disappear. New balls are falling from the top.


It is an ok game i can see it being something of a time waster(a good thing)but with out the rewards and a sense you are accomplishing something it gets bored really fast i can just click every where and get score
blocks of two give me score and that is kind of stupid because there is not that much strategy to it
Colors: colors in my opinion need to be a lot more brighter and put some effect on when you destroy blocks ( just put animation that when a block disappears it explodes) to give some more flavor to the game ( sense of doing something awesome xD) colors look way too similar my head starts to hurt from watching it too much they are too pale and i think that is what causes my head to hurt
Sounds : change the sounds dont have one monoton sounds make a series of sounds that go into a loop like DO RE MI FA SO LA TI DO(or anything) and then back to the beginning ( again to give it more flavor and not that monoton blip blip blip blip when they fall down)
Score : it is the most simplest thing, you break 3 you get 3 points in my opinion if you brake more than hmmm 4 or even 3 get a reward for that boost up your score
Music : Jazz i think it is called maybe i'm wrong maybe it is neo blues or something ( i really don't know am not that experienced with names ) but it should not play while am playing the game it makes me to relaxed it makes me want to groove and not play the game
something more gamey should be playing and by that i mean something that you hear in a game and not "human music""chill groove music" something different but that can still give me the atmosphere of the game
Title : please change the colour and the font of the title and lose that little blocks on top all the colors together look really ugly
and that is just my opinion
Background should be still and not change every 5 seconds
if the background is awesome let me destroy all blocks to reveal that art and you can make levels like that

and now one last thing TIMER put the timer on don't play this game for infinity
if you put timer on you can make a lot more levels and diversity to the game

last thoughts if you implement more effect a reward system and Levels you can have a real time waster at your hands

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Decent game but there needs to be more of an incentive to continue to play. I want an end point or the reward of clearing out all the blocks, not the blocks always endlessly filling back up what I have just cleared away. I also think a different sound effect or varied sound effects could help liven up the game.

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2.64 / 5.00

Nov 11, 2013
12:37 AM EST
Puzzles - Falling