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Strand is a compelling puzzle game that immerses the player in a unique environment. Players must pull and weave strands through obstacles to create networks of connections that solve each level.

Instructions (Included in-game):
Click on a hub to create a strand, and click on another to place it, completing a connection.
When each hub requires no more strands, the level is complete.
Strands can only connect hubs that share at least one color.
Strands can be cut (removed) by clicking on empty space and dragging across them.
In advanced levels, the mouse can be moved around pegs to bend the strands around obstacles.

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Well done puzzle game.
I didn't feel that the puzzles were too easy or too hard. The way you introduced certain elements (pegs, different colored hubs) were well done. I felt the control around the peg was a little twitchy, but I like how you could wrap them around either way.

Very relaxing game, but can be a little challenging as well, I will surely play this game more than once.

Great puzzle game. For a moment there, I thought it was going to be one of those Bridges games again, but, turns out, I was wrong!

This is a relaxing, fun gem of a game, that I can play in a break. It's not frustrating, it's a game that's happy for you to play!

One of the things that I find immersion-breaking in puzzle games is the need to think, or to pen-and-paper it out, which ruins the mood. But I've played up to 25 and (maybe I'm just smart but) It made me feel peaceful. Not too hard, not to easy, just right, although leaning a bit on the easy side.

Not terribly challenge... but cool. Enjoyed it.

Interesting different idea, but don't get the challenge to it.

I love it !!!! I usually hate that kind of game but this one is very nice ! It's hard enough for me to think I'm clever when I find the solution and yet it's easy enough for me to actually find the solution ! great game.

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3.99 / 5.00

Nov 10, 2013
5:36 PM EST
Puzzles - Other