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No Tech Gramps

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Luke and his Grandfathers morning convo. Gramps lothes Technology,and wonders why we cant go back to the simpler ways of living.

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Haha, reminds me my dad. Nice video, yet a few more sound effects could improve it (when the grand da falls)

JMcCoy responds:

we all have someone like that lol. thx for the comment Sala.

The voice acting could be a bit better and the artwork could be cleaner, but overall this was a good piece. It was funny and the animation itself was good too. I really liked the lip sync you did; you had their lower jaws moving when they spoke. Little things like that give an animation some much needed life and some realism.

Now this is really nitpicking, but when your character with the JP shirt turns around, the letters on his shirt are mirrored and they appear backwards. You may want to work on consistency by making a new symbol to replace that character's body so this doesn't happen in future animations. Other than that, I think you did a good job!

Good animation!

I liked the animation though there were parts that could be improved, such as the phone part. Also I think if you added more sound effects (when g-pa fell or when he hit the toaster) it would have improved the video greatly.

Excellant submission, animation is well done, and some comedic value in there too.

The only thing I would improve upon is the detail in the visuals, such as the background, and the look of the characters, apart from that it's a very good movie to watch.