Spyro's Flash Adventure

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Updates -------------------------------------
v 1.2 - Changed from 900x900 to 800x600, added up and down movement but Spyro will move upwards forever, so be careful. Win screen has been temporarily put up.

v 1.1 - Shooting is now 45 degrees, a very quick fix so that you are able to at least shoot the sheep. Shoot 10 times to get to the End Title Screen. I'd like to make a note that I am reading all the comments and feedback I get, and I will point out again that I'm likely not going to put a whole lot of effort into this (I have other schoolwork to focus on). I made the game up to this point based off of exact pixel dimensions we HAD to use for the assignment, as for the layout of the characters that was also something we HAD to use. I may or may not alter this, again depending on how much work I put into this. I know this is a very poor and hardly playable game and I would barely consider this ready for Alpha testing.

About ---------------------------------------------
A work in progress of a simple flash game exercise for class, it's not quite near completion yet. My hopes are to add a boss level, working score/points system, more enemies, win/lose screen, sound fx, better animations, parallax scrolling for the background elements. All elements hand drawn by myself with Illustrator.

Current Controls -------------------------------------
Up, Down, Left, Right Arrows & Space bar to shoot fire. (currently doesn't shoot correctly)

Things Used -------------------------------------
Adobe Illustrator, Flash & ActionScript 2.0
Background music - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6GoZVqSa9g4

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I gave you such a low rating because it is not playable
But i understand the idea you want to do and I like it but needs a lot of work
first : make the screen wider so that you can see the enemies
second : controls for this kind of a game need to be smooth and not to slow
third : put more frames into animations i know it is more work but you want your game to look as best as it can and not so glitchy and jumpy
if you know what i mean
fourth : i see the sheep are walking on the ground and right now i dont get this, if they have only one way of going( to the right( you could just stand there at the end and press fire
so am really curious in what the other enemies will be and they will need to be air because of the background (the only enemies that have air in spyro are Gnorc Balloonists ;now i might be wrong )

and for any one who does not know why sheep are there it is because spyro killes them in the game)

and that would be all i think
when you have the game in better light post it again so that we can rate it and give it a review

im all for spyro, but this game doesnt even make any sense. i know you called it a work in progress but you should at least play test it yourself and realize that you literally cannot even play this in this state. its simply non functional.

you need to add downward/upward movement, and you need to make the game smaller. i have to zoom to 75% to see the whole game. i should also mention that your vertical orientation doesnt really fit the gameplay given that the enemies move horizontally. the screen should be wider than it is tall by far.

overall, this is not even fit for beta testing. it's far too bare bones and i couldn't even tell you what to do with it past what ive already said, simply because the game is unplayable.

i hope i dont sound like an asshole, but seriously... this is a waste of time even if you are looking for advice/criticism. you are better off posting in a forum on here asking how to solve particular issues, instead of using up the site's bandwidth and user's time with something like this. Good luck to you, and i hope to see a playable version soon as i am a spyro fan. give this some more time.

have no idea what to do, all i can do is fire balls and move left and right.

Good enought graphics, but needs lots of work in mechanics, animations and much more to mke this game more interesting.

Like you said the shooting needs to be fixed. I see potential in this game. I don't under stand why the sheep are walking around but whatever. I'd like to see the completed game!

Credits & Info

1.24 / 5.00

Nov 8, 2013
10:44 PM EST
Action - Shooter - Horizontal Flight