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You are a farmer.Your main task is not to give pests eat all plants that grow in your garden.
First attack slow-moving beetles are easily killed, and then move quickly to the caterpillar and finally a slow but strong to poison snail. If you kill the pest, you are credited points if the pest eats the plant, then the points are reduced.


Like easy game so fun ! (And Good Sound.)

viktorRPG responds:

Thank you!
That's what I wanted to convey...

Мне нравится, и не так уж и легко как кажется!

viktorRPG responds:


It's a game alright! Though... not quite hard of a game.

Simply put, this game should me named "walk forwards and backwards while mashing space". Really, following such 'tactic' puts you through the whole game without a sweat - my first death was only on level 12/XII.

The graphics are OK at best: the cursor is Stencyl's stock and is quite small; the plants are detailed enough (even if repeated, I wouldn't expect them not to be); the final score styling isn't congruent with the rest of the styling and the same can be said on the 'Controls' page; and the 'Level Select' buttons have no shine to 'em.

There is also a slight bug, when the enemies spawn from the left, they already start with some initial space run but enemies from the right seem to spawn from their center.

I'm nitpicking now, but using a coin to represent the score is conceptually weird - I earn my score by killing bugs? Why not (Plants saved - Plants lost), maybe not on a totally linear scaling? Or, to workaround spamming the space bar, have each shot cost some of your points, as 1 kill = 4 shots or something like that.

The author comments explain too much the game, try writing some flavor text instead of describing ALL the enemies in the game.

Room for improvement, I'll give it 1.5 stars - enough to pass the first 150, but not enough to pass the final 1.6 at 200.

Good luck!

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viktorRPG responds:

Thank you! :)

I expected a tower defense, but it's a decent game. With this I don't care one way or another if it is saved.

no.simply no.

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2.24 / 5.00

Nov 8, 2013
2:31 PM EST
Simulation - Other