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Gluttonous Spider

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complete level 1 5 Points

complete level 1

complete level 10 10 Points

complete level 10

complete level 5 10 Points

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complete level 15 25 Points

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complete level 20 50 Points

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get all stars 100 Points

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Author Comments

Cute little Spider living in the big forest very happy, here is full of sweet candy, he is a gluttonous guy and like colorful candy so much! Let's help the Spider get all candies! He like this forest!

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Simple but fun

really nice game but i have all medals thanks for the exp dude xd

The game was good. The gameplay, physics, graphics, art and music are all very suitable to the game concept. However, there are few limitations to the game. Many a times, clicking once in order to spawn a new spider simply launches a new one in its most initial angle as if the player has double clicked. Moreover, how come candies blown off the screen are considered collected?
Also, the difficulty level needs to be increased as the game was just too easy. There was no challenge at all.
Overall, the game does fairly well but lacks some factors.
The author has the potential to create great games. I request 5xplay to give up the obsession of creating games requiring collecting skills, and create something different. Adding a storyline would be interesting as well.
All the best for your future works!

Bad. There are plenty of 'physics' based games out there - almost all of them are more interesting then this game. Why?

1) Ill conceived concept. OK, so cute Spider wants to collect candy. Hang on - blasting the candy off screen with TNT means its collected!?! Hang on - why is there TNT in cute Spider's cute forest? WTF!?!
2) Too easy. Like most of the 'physics' based games that appear on Newgrounds, I blasted through this fairly quickly, never really challenged by anything. This one was by far the easiest - I'm not even sure how you can fail to get three stars, let alone fail to complete a level.
3) Same old concept. Feels like it came out of a cookie cutter factory...
4) Cute graphics only. Did not find the cute endearing at all. My benchmark for cute is a Japanese Arkanoid-style game (you break eggs, not bricks) where Josephine the dinosaur will randomly pirouette up to you to hug you. Obviously everything about the game was cute (eg when you break eggs, cute little chicks would fall out for you to catch).Translation: Cute game = job well done. Cute graphics only = what were you thinking?
5) No reason to play. Really. There is no reason to play this game. Unless you're in it for the medals. But I have ALWAYS considered that at the best a poor excuse for a game. The best reason to play is to complete a story. The only other reason to play is if there is some kind of a challenge. This game lacks both.

Apologies if this seems harsh, but there seems to be a lot of love of this game, but very little actual critique.

Gameplay: Fairly original physics game instead of remakes of Apple Store popular games. (3)
Graphics: Colourful and polished. Fits the theme. (5)
Sounds: Upbeat BGM with a handful of SFX. (4)
Controls: Entirely mouse-based for convenience. Hotkeys not required for this game. (5)
Interface: Quick to grasp instructions with simple tutorial. Basic in-game menu. (4)
OVERALL: 4 stars

- As a perfectionist I found the grammar errors miffing/bothering.
- When the TNT blasts the candies off the screen they are considered collected with no penalties.
- Kudos for balanced difficulty increase per level.
- Game deserves more views.

Credits & Info

3.82 / 5.00

Nov 7, 2013
11:46 PM EST

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