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Asslevania: SOTB

rated 4.10 / 5 stars
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Nov 7, 2013 | 12:17 PM EST

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Time Trial
1. Beckores 00:00:00.00
2. deathink 00:00:13.50
3. Alucardtnuoc 00:00:59.00
4. Cottommy 00:01:06.00
5. Vivil 00:01:07.00
6. Nijsse 00:01:10.00
7. BenAuton 00:01:18.00
8. AndrewRF05 00:01:18.00
9. Knuckstrike 00:01:18.00
10. heatmaster28 00:01:18.00
11. Ryukenden 00:01:19.00
12. BERSERC 00:01:20.00
13. Driftan 00:01:21.00
14. soren410 00:01:21.00
15. Ragnarok99 00:01:21.00
16. jumpingrope 00:01:24.00
17. DesuDemon 00:01:24.00
18. Rabeck 00:01:26.00
19. Chrisstraww 00:01:27.00
20. DJDarkDash 00:01:27.00

Author Comments

::UPDATE:: SUPER CUPCAKE MODE! Arrow key moment, check points, and general nerfing all around. Enjoy! For those manly enough to miss the old version. I am going to keep a copy of it here for a little while.

"Dracula's castle has once again appeared, and Johnny Belmont knows that can only mean one thing! Dracula is back!!! And it's only a matter of time until the towns folk start acting all emo and goth. Drinking there coffee and smoking cigarets, reading poor me poetry to each other. And seeing how Breaking Bad is over now, Johnny really doesn't have anything else to do anyway, so it would seem a battle is fated."

Okay, so I wanted to create this game, but it quickly got out of control. So I decided to scale it down and rebuild it... and it got out of control again. ENJOY!


MOVEMENT: Arrow Keys
JUMP: Up Arrow key
SLIDE: Down Arrow Key
SLIDE JUMP: Press Jump while sliding.

TIME TRIAL AND REAL MODE--------------------------------------
These mode will unlock after you beat the game on cupcake mode.

LEVELING UP-----------------------------------------------------------
Collect start to level up Johnny Belmont.



Rated 5 / 5 stars

it's a nice...yes?

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Rated 4 / 5 stars

A funny little game. A bit short if you're any good at that sort of thing. It REALLY should say in the game itself that x and z are your attacks. It's in your text description under author comments but I was really pi$$ed off hitting every key on the keyboard trying to get it to do SOME sort of attack, trying to vanquish those stupid plantman zombies instead of trying to dodge them (and of course there would have been no beating the boss at the end without any attacks even if I had made a pacifist run through the whole game up until then). About that, the final boss was way too easy. Especially after he turned into a giant campy horror naked woman. After the "final transformation" bosses are supposed to get HARDER to deal with, not easier, and it was super-easy. But it was adequate. You make it too hard, and your viewers won't play it or finish it I guess. And I'm not enthusiastic about bothering with the other modes having won it at cupcake level or to try to get any more medals/achievements than the bare minimum I got as a side-effect of winning the game, so it's not really an amazing thing in any case, but it seems to be functional and nothing is worse than a seriously buggy program so I can't give it any less than a 4. I liked how Dracula was on the phone and would have probably rather not have had any sort of violent conflict if the "hero" who burst in on him hadn't been so enthusiastic. I guess all the video game bosses hang out together and go bowling or something.

Somehow I suspect sexualobster's statement at the end that a sequel was already in the making was not true then and even less true now. By the way, are you aware that the tag you have for this is currently "alacard" instead of "alucard" which is dracula backwards properly? Not that I suspect a lot of searches for "alucard" are made either but it's just sloppy.

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

After all these years , I still don't know how to get medal 10 , 11 and 12 . What are hidden songs?

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

only medal 12 and 28 left for me(how do i get it)


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Seems amazing... could you add an option for change controls ?
I am used to move with left hand and attack with right one...