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Play as a Ninja Penguin slicing his way through a fleet of Pirate Fishes invading your kingdom. You must kill as many pirates as you can! Run n' Slice!
-Endless running game
-Easy controls. Use arrow keys to move up and down.
-Auto attack; slice those pirates!
-Tons of upgrades and achievements!


its a cool game but i have to say WAY TO MANY FUCKING ADS WTF ITS STUPIED

This game has decent music, and... that's all I can pretty much say about this game. The art work in this game is very basic, the animation is a little choppy and the running on the ninja penguin looks lazily done. As far as gameplay goes, the controls are very primitive. The background doesn't really change until wave five or six when you start running on land. Also there should be a much broader colour pallet besides the cool colors. The only thing that isn't part of the bland color pallet is the scarf the ninja penguin is wearing, not that it makes a huge difference in the visuals of the game. I would've expected more, like, at least move back a bit. Also, you shouldn't just auto kill the enemies by running into them. The player should atleast have a satisfaction of killing the enemy by know that they swung the sword themselves to kill the enemy. The worst of the gameplay, besides its limited control, is the cheap deaths. I relaize there has to be a way to die but the game doesn't even give the player a chance most of the time. Sometimes you see it and can dodge the obstacle. Most of the time you don't see it until it's too late. When endless runners are this fast paced, there should at least be an indication of an obstacle up ahead. The upgrades, entirely unecessary. The only thing the powerups do is to boost your speed, get yourself killed faster, and more gold point bonuses from playing just to go faster. The health upgrades is the only thing you need, so, I wouldn't bother with getting the kill all enemies on screen, since you can get a power up at the beginning that basically covers the screen, with all the enemies dying to one hit. And what really draws out the player from the game, is the ads in the upgrade section. Seriously? Video ads durring gameplay is something that no gamer wants. It just halts the player and drains the little bit of pleasure that this game can give you. I wouldn't give up making games, but take more time actually making the game and tweaking it a bit. That is probably the only advice I could give you right now.

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U dont even control the penguin except to get on and of ship

30 second ad during upgrades? Are you kidding me?

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1.80 / 5.00

Nov 6, 2013
11:58 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Other