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Up arrow key=move up
Down arrow key= move down
this was made for the mini ludum dare 48 , also I´m no artist so sorry for crappy graphics


Yeah, I cared for this very little. I think it's because it had no sound. It had no detail as well. It was just a shark on a background eating fish. That's literally all it was. It was way too boring.

You need to put more detail into everything. At least it had sharks. Those are usually pretty cool. This was just too boring. Dares have given us much better.

Is this a submission for the 2013 GDC Game Jam? If it is(or even if it isn't)..it needs a lot of work. Music, sound effects, backgrounds, better sprites, and sprite animations. It has potential, fix those things,and resubmit it please.

fascka responds:

read the author comments please, also I am already working on a version with music and sounds

It could use some music, and the grammar is a little off at times, but the grammar doesn't really matter, and this is actually pretty fun.

fascka responds:

sorry for the game not having music, I wanted to include some but this was made for Mini Ludum Dare which is a competition in which you have to make a game in 48 hours and I only had half hour left at the time of upload although I will add music. Tell me when the grammar is incorrect and I will correct

Nice game good job ^ ^

This would be pretty fun if it were more challenging and had music/SFX

fascka responds:

I thought of adding other sharks that would be able to kill you do you think that would fit the game?

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2.42 / 5.00

Nov 3, 2013
8:37 PM EST
Skill - Avoid

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