Marge Saw Game

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The evil Pigsaw is back and will force Marge Simpson to play his twisted game.


5 stars for those elevators to Heaven and Hell.
5 stars for Devil Flanders, someone's obviously been watching those Treehouse of Horror episodes!
5 stars for Moe hitting on Marge.
5 stars for Marge's lovely hairstyle!
5 stars for Waylon Smithers the Hairdresser!
And finally, 5 stars for an excellent game. You're just that good.

Inkagames, I love your games so much and seeing a new one in my 'Latest' box makes my day so much better. Thank you all for doing what you do! :)

Lol, that was a great game. The music became a tad annoying, but thanks for the mute button.
The animation and artwork was superb, could have been an official simpson game.
I noticed a tiny mistake though, not like you will ever read this review, but when Marge transformed into Lisa and then talks to Moe, she says "He will only talk to mom" but she IS Marge...

inkagames responds:

Thanks :) , we'll have a check.

good game though lag a bit but it just might be my computer

t . To be honest the game has a decent comedy of a decent simpsons show . cons: the English vs Spanish language mix up confuse me a little bit so there was times where I looked for a YouTube tutorial walkthrough to finish the game .

Does God is true Pigsaw? I mean the Simpsons are a family that deserve such adventure since they are so mundane and reluctant to moral and religion . I imply that God tested Marge in order to test morale and will to value life and wits to rescue cared ones. Good time waster! Look forward for more Pigsaw Games!!!

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3.33 / 5.00

Nov 2, 2013
9:42 PM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click