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Toons These Days: Ep 21

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Sorry about the lip-sync. I attempted to do it like an anime to help speed up the animation process.

Visit this site to see the latest episode.

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So is Conroy running the show now? Because he's getting the final decision of how much they should rate the show they're reviewing...

I actually saw the 90's version

But yeah the show itself is okay but definitely not good as it has flaws while the animation is

spectacular you have to remember it's still not MLP FIM it's it's own show that has small

connections but dammit they took the designs from mlp and just modified them to be way to

detailed in total for the cartoon with semi humor and punctuational songs

Well, I was expecting a turn-around from last episode, but once again, it doesn't work. While it may speed up the process, it does nothing for the series as a whole. In fact, it seems rather derogatory from the first batch where the lip synch actually mached what they were saying.

And once again, Doggy is too damn quiet to actually hear, I had to rest my ear against the speaker, although Conroy's voice quality seems fine.

I give it 3 anvils and 2 1/2 stars.

I don't watch HUB directly, so I've never actually seen that show before.
This really is a great series.

well im a little weirded out about how he knows so much