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One of the most common complaints about tower defense games is you don't do anything while you wait for the creeps. In this game, you will always be busy. Shoot the falling missiles on one side to get money and drag and drop towers on the other side to defend your path. Use A and D to rotate the missile turret.


wish the right side was not so limited. i found myself just shooting left. cuz my turrets was killing everything b4 the first corner tell 30k score. so i moved some around. i stoped playing at 50k it got boring. dont get me wrong it is a decent game. just wish there was more to it.

guide . start laying a bunch of 40s . then just sell them and upgrade as you go

use 460s only on bends and corners. the rest you can lay 300s, 360s, and 400s. 400s for best results

after fully upgraded no need to watch the right side at all. after they break threw that there is no way to make your set up any better.


You concentrate on the left, you do not see what happen on the right.
You manage your turrets, you fail to destroy bomb.
It is not good idea to combine two differents games in one.

The only thing going for this game is that it is "multitasking", which makes it challenging. But that doesn't make it good. But it is an /original/ idea.
Keep up with original ideas and maybe you'll come up with something brilliant.

What kakaap said basically.

This becomes supertedious after a few minutes and there is absolutely no sense of progression.
There is no endgame in sight as far as I can tell and while casual games are called timewasters - it somewhat implies you are having fun.

Technically you have done a good job. As a game this is plain awful after the initial "this is new" feeling has faded 2 minutes in. I just feel like I was cheated of the minutes I spent. I'd love to see what you can do with a better fleshed out game idea though.

Wow, there are only a few good things to say about the game itself. You, however, have potential as a game developer.

----Concept & Game mechanics----

First off, let's talk about the concept behind the game. We have our ordinary Tower defense, nothing new here. Next to that, we have the Missile defense. These two are linked in two fashions; economy and loss condition.

The Missile Defense

In the first 2 minutes I went "hmkay, seems fun"; after that I went to "hmkay, you're boring, but the fact that I have to pay attention to you makes you annoying." This is because the missiles just stop becoming stronger, and the upgrades stop doing anything. In other words, there was no progression. The fact that it is tied to the rest of the game so strongly and continuously, makes the game worse rather than better.

A better option perhaps would be to have the missiles come in waves, and to have the turret be upgradeable with money. Besides that, money is not earned only by missiles.
This gives players a time of rest to make decisions, for example which tower to upgrade/build. Second, you give the player a new problem he must solve: where is he going to spend his money, missile defense or tower defense?
It also allows you to make the game significantly harder: as you now can choose what to upgrade, and the player being less stressed with the pure impossibility of playing two games at the exact same moment, you can make missiles waves harder. This means the player now has to rely on his skill of knocking missiles out of the sky.

The Tower Defense

Oh boy. This tower defense is just bland. There's nothing more to it. Now I know that using someone else his idea's is what you want to do, but a lot of idea's become so fundamental that if you do not offer a replacement or compensation, you have to use them to make a fun game.
Here are some things that I miss in this game:
Difference in towers (we have 6 damage towers, 1 poison tower, and 1 tower which I assume is splash?)
Different maps
Diversity in enemies (there are more factors to an enemy than just speed and health.)
Interesting economy concepts
Interesting upgrade schemes
Global upgrades

Now a nice enemy to add for instance would be a mobile missile launcher. It walks across the map, and fires missiles every few seconds that pop up on the missile defense. If you don't kill em fast enough, there will be too many missiles to defend against.


The basic sprite/artwork seems all right, lacks a unique style, but that's ok. The transition of missiles when hit was ugly and the fact they get reduced to a rocket a stage lower feels extremely unrealistic; maybe design them in such a way that you basically knock off a piece everytime it's hit.

Explosions could be better and a death animation wouldn't hurt either. Missile Defense turret is not in sync with the bullet it shoots. Turrets themselves have a bit weird artwork, random spikes being the entire core of the turret is not a good idea.

There are next to no real animations.

Also there was a specific type of tank that moved in reverse as soon as it went horizontal, that shouldn't have gone through testing.

Music is nice, good pick. The Missile Defense turret's shooting sound is annoying, as you cannot stop shooting.

Practical things:
The turret upgrading makes towers seem more alike to each other instead of differentiating them. The three most expensive turrets besides the splash turret are IDENTICAL when upgraded three times.
Tower AI can be improved.
Descriptions of towers need to be added.
Costs of upgrades feel random.
Wave system is nearly unnoticable.
Challenge is non-existant.

Now I like your idea. The way you executed it shows you are a beginning game artist with potential. You need to learn that every detail needs to be carefully thought about. When you've got that covered, you can start making the game. Improve yourself, and I'm sure we'll see a big game coming from you.

Good luck my friend!

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