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a prototype platform game, please rate if possible.


The controls are great, very smooth and fluent. The one bothering aspect of this game is how you don't really see much around you, so it's hard to jump to new platforms not knowing where they are, a more zoomed out view or larger resolution would fix that. Overall though, it looks good! Well not the graphics maybe but the gameplay is good. :) Keep it going!


A física do jogo está muito boa, agora falta só o resto ;)

Controls are smooth and that's all. Needs a lot of work.

Despite being clearly unfinished, this platformer is a pretty ok starting point. The controls are nice and fluid, and although they felt slightly 'floaty' to me, I was able to adjust quickly.

There are, however, a number of areas that require a lot of improvement.

First of all, I know that the simple graphics is merely a "game-in-progress" thing, but the lack of any background texture makes it very difficult to determine how fast objects are moving relative to each other, and how far you have jumped. I didn't mind so much that a few of the jumps were on the borderline of being blind (i.e. you can't quite see your landing area clearly), but that coupled with the fact that once you've jumped out into open air and have no background to judge how far you've moved made some jumps quite tricky.

My next issue was with the disappearing platforms not being visually differentiated from regular platforms. Again, this is due to placeholder graphics, but maybe make them a different colour at least.

I stopped playing when I was suddenly dropped down a hidden shaft to my death. Even though this point was quite early in the game (I'm assuming), it was becoming obvious that the game being in such early stages of development was going to make it very trial-and-error-ish.

Being so early in development also means no sound, and no story line, so it's really little more than a tech demo, but I can't wait to see what it becomes, because the controls feel nice and polished.

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coisas essenciais: um fundo, uma delimitação decente daquele quadrado que vem rolando e algo que indique objetivos no jogo. Placas introduzindo experiências novas como a bola, o laser e as plataformas que somem, são usadas a tempos...

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2.33 / 5.00

Oct 29, 2013
10:47 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Puzzle