Wild Wild West

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“You are a Time Bandit, a time-traveling theif. You are being chased by the iron chariots of the 21st century Reno, Nevada Police Dept for loitering. Run for your life.”
Leone Ermer
Jon Gorr
Original Art:
Christina Oh
Sam "Cool Guy" Sheffield

Group class assignment over 2 week period.

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2 tried and I as done.
In this day and age, 2 weeks to make a game should result in something better than this. it feels incredibly lazy. Or, perhaps, there were too many cooks...
If you had focused on the story more, perhaps it wouldve made up for the subpar graphics and boring/repetitive gameplay.

xAndrewRyan responds:

Do you make games, or for that matter code in flash/Haxeflixel? It doesn't appear so. I don't think you have any idea the effort and management it takes students to make a simple group game.

the bullet animation is pretty bad, the music too low and the sound effects too high, it just becomes a repetitive noise after a while.

the hit detection a bit of and the bullets seem to come from the side of the cannons at most points. also the canons / guns don't move when you do so its a little underwhelming.

also there is no indicating of level or progression. maybe instead of a heart system have the vehicle become more and more damaged? have more abilities and better reasoning as to why we are a horse drawn carriage fighting modern day cops.

its a good start but more needs to be done.

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I would say its below average as it is. It doesn't seem finished as the hit detection on obstacles is not great and the placement of obstacles combined with the size of your buggy make it really next to impossible to make some of the tight maneuvers the game asks of you.

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Can be better but its funny now so 4.5, kepp going mate

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xAndrewRyan responds:

Thanks m8.

Good game. But it ain't good for people with weak resolution and there needs to be more kinds of challenge.

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xAndrewRyan responds:

If I get back into it, ill find a way of scaling resolution. :)

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2.58 / 5.00

Oct 29, 2013
5:56 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Vertical Flight