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Zombies lab

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First Door 5 Points

It wasn't hard...

Zombie Killer 5 Points

Zombie Killer

Now is different 10 Points

Have a Gun

5 Files Found 25 Points

5 Files Found

Cure Found 50 Points

Beat the Game

All Files Found 100 Points

All Files Found

Secret Medal ????? Points

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Author Comments

Find the Key of every level and Avoid the Zombies, you can use/push objects to obstruct zombies, and may you can find some weapons...

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Fun game takes time

Well here we have something interesting a good game if you ask me, i thought it was presented well, and i thought there was some nice elements throughout this whole flash, but anyways lets get really started with the details of this review, . So thoughout this review i wont get into too much of the Negitive, will try more of the Positive. Ha ok after my first death i was like whoa scary but this was actually a pretty good game i love the "TOP VIEW" this has reminds me of games I use to make on paper in school. but anyways graphics looked good, sounds and play action was pretty fun. maybe adding a larger "VIEW-SCREEN" would be a big help So as I have Evaluated this fine flash of yours, You show some good Technique, and you do it Accuratley, and also you dont let anything Diminish. So you have shown some good efforts and some nice detail, And as this review ends here shortly, But I would like to say it was a good submission that i watched here today, so nice job indeed.

Improving is always a plus, and So im here to try and suggest some good points, and hope they do get some consideration, and only say that because they could help to make this more fantastic then it already is, so here are some suggestions. but i like what you have here, hope to see some more qaulity and improvmenst come along soon. adding a larger "VIEW-SCREEN" would be a big help


Very cool game I hate the zombies.

Decent game. Not too sure why you can't walk backwards.

the zombie image after health loss was a minor scare... The entire game was 5/5 stars, nothing to judge bad. Except mouse lag spikes.