Blue Bonnet Begins

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*** In-Game Medals now Working***
Walk-Through: http://slingbang.newgrounds.com/news/post/873883

This is my first Flash anything and was mostly done as a learning experience. Big Thanks to http://www.kcnhgames.com. KCNH provided an amazing tutorial which the entire game was built on top of. I learned MUCH more on my own than I originally believed I could. The tile art I mostly drew in PS and GIMP and there are 5 illustrated 'adult scenes' as well.

===== Controls ======================
Moving: Arrow Keys
Map Actions: Spacebar
Inventory: Z
Battle Actions: XCVB
Game Speed Toggle: S
Made in Flixel so sound volume is + and - on keyboard.

After much Trial and Error I managed to get a savefile working! It saves when you enter/exit towns. There sometimes is a short delay but please let me know if anything isn't saving properly.

Note: I found 2 minor errors. The powder item will show up after you use it, and occasionally the wrong background music will be chosen. If you find any others, expecially major ones, please tell me in as much detail (when, where, what) so I can fix them. Thanks!

Also, there is game help, a full map, and eventually the Adult pictures, on my main page.

NOTE: After you beat the Ogre, all the sex animations unlock so you can freely play them, BUT this means the Medals for those sex scenes will be disabled. (since you won't be earning them) This means you should try to score with all the NPCs before killing the Ogre or you'll have to start an entirely new game to get the medals you missed. Also note that not all sex scenes can be unlocked in any game due to different choices you can make. See my main page for more details.
------------------------------------v 1.04
-Added In-Game Medals since Newgrounds deleted all Adult game Medals.
------------------------------------v 1.03
-fixed the fishbowl error resulting from getting the Velvet worms before the bowl.
------------------------------------v 1.02
-added 3 Game Speed options Slow, Fast and Turbo(beat Ogre to unlock): Press "S" to toggle.
-fixed hotel 'problem'. Now you can delay paying for the hotel room and it won't reset.
------------------------------------v 1.01
-fixed Dialog errors on Ogre and Blondie

*** In-Game Medals now Working***
Walk-Through: http://slingbang.newgrounds.com/news/post/873883

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how do you make the fish heal you?

SlingBang responds:

It's been so long, I had to go back and check the code to find out!

The fish turns on a timer that refills 1 HP every 60 seconds. It appears to also work in battles but NOT when you are idling. (So you can't sit there doing nothing and refill all your HP)

where find fishowl?

SlingBang responds:

Good question! It's been so long... I forget...

Luckily I made a walkthru map:

I think you need to get the Knife in the jungle cabin, use it to kill the Tiger, Bring the Tiger claws to the Merchant at the castle, He gives you a bowl, Find the velvet worms in the secret pool, bring the worms and bowl to the fisherman below the castle, and get the Magic fish...

One of the best games on Newsgrounds!

The continued journey of Blue Bonnet is much anticipated!

SlingBang responds:

Good news, it's finally out! Oh... hello again Jaxxxs from the past. For some reason, I never saw this post before!

Kind of strange how the first chapter has a higher score than the second. Sad, might be a better word.

I dont understand how you did it, but somehow you managed to make a game that looks like crap (graphics wise) and make it genuinely entertaining. Hope to see more like this, and since it says begins i assume there will be.

SlingBang responds:

Ha ha. Yah, ironically it is my worst game art-wise but has the highest number of plays (including the 472 other hosts leeching the game off Newsgrounds it's just under 1 million plays currently). I'm guessing the lesson is: story trumps art? It was supposed to just be a test game for learning Flixel, but people seem to like it so much that I will be updating the graphics in this game eventually. Also, there IS a sequel coming. It is 4~6 times as large and currently 90% finished. Once I have more free time it will be here as well!

Great Game!

SlingBang responds:

I'm impressed that people are still finding and playing this game. If I get some free time in the future I am actually planning to completely overhaul this game: update all the tiles and character art as well as redo some of the sex pics so it more closely resembles the upcoming sequel in quality...

I am 'imagining' I will get that done at the same time as the sequel so people can play both together. :P

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3.37 / 5.00

Oct 28, 2013
7:56 PM EDT
Adventure - RPG