Soul Job

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20th judgement 5 Points

judge 20 souls

Bullet Time 0 Points

Kill 30 red souls

First judgement 5 Points

Judge 1 soul

Lightning Bolt! 5 Points

First lightning judgement

50th judgement 0 Points

Judge 50 souls

Combo King 10 Points

5th combo

Combo! 10 Points

Combo x 4

Heaven or Hell 10 Points

Put both transporters in lightning mode

Lightning Powa! 10 Points

Judge 30 souls with lightning power

Moshi 10 Points

Answer 5 phone calls

Postman 10 Points

5 correct answers for mails

Prison Break 0 Points

Catch 1 fugitive soul

Ryo Saeba 10 Points

Kill 60 red souls

Soul Slayer 10 Points

Kill 1st evil soul

100th judgement 25 Points

Judge 100 souls

Combo God 0 Points

10th combo

Lightning God! 25 Points

Judge 100 souls with lightning power

Moshi Moshi 0 Points

Answer 20 phone calls

Serial Letter 25 Points

10 correct answer for mails

Super Combo! 25 Points

Combo x 8

The Great Escape 25 Points

Catch 10 fugitive souls

Ultra Combo! 25 Points

Combo x 12

Employee of the month 0 Points

No soul escaped for all levels

I'm the boss! 0 Points

Finish all levels without using boss's special (black head).

Author Comments

My name is Hiro, new recruit. My job is to assist my boss in his holy mission: judge souls from Earth and send them in Heaven or Hell. Here my story... Keep the Other World's Doors is not easy. Your job is to help the guardian of the other world to judge souls. Send bad ones in hell and good ones in heaven before they escape. Riots, administrative procedures, material problems, rebel souls, invasions, there is a lot to do.


I like the concept, and I think there's definitely potential here. However, as it stands the difficulty curve is way too fast but the basic gameplay isn't interesting enough to support a slower curve. I'm certain that with some tweaking this could be a rather addicting title.

One thing that caught me specifically was the fact that things would try to garner my focus while I was in the middle of doing things which I couldn't afford to leave unattended. Meaning I would miss split second phone calls because i was nearly done examining a soul or fixing a filter.

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rapidojeux responds:

Thank you for this interesting feedback, this will help to improve the game for a next episode ;)

awesome but could have made the graphics better

This is a wild and crazy game, so free spirited (rimshot). It gets pretty hard though, and while all the additions are interesting, it was just too much for me after about 6 days. I didn't see any penalties for not answering the phone, which gives you only a second anyway. I suppose its a bonus only?

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rapidojeux responds:

You're right, the phone is a only a bonus, like the letters on the desk.

Not really my kind of game. I ran into a couple of bugs, too; when I first tried to start the game, I put the first two souls into the machines and then the tutorial didn't continue. At one point the heaven machine also glitched out and the door stayed closed and the pressure bar stayed in the animation that plays before the "recovering" one. I like it, but I don't really enjoy playing these stressful time management games.

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I had a bug where the graphic for the pressure valve on the heaven side stayed in the "transfering" animation and the door remained shut. I could still act on the souls, but with the animation being stuck, you couldn't tell how the pressure was building in that unit. Nice animation and fun idea, but ran into that issue and made it kind of impossible to play without just constantly purging the system lol. Hope this helps.

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Credits & Info

3.56 / 5.00

Oct 26, 2013
11:46 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - First Person