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Bit Battles

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A hyper fast strategy / action game where you throw swarms of knights, spearmen, and mages against hordes of bad dudes.


*ARG! I'm Stuck!*
- Combo those bombs! Use an ice bomb to increase the push amount for other bombs.
- If you are having trouble with the Spearmen, try sending them against the Orcs. Tight groups of them using their charge can push all the way to the enemy line and recover some mana for another attack.

Hot-keys are now available for bombs, use the 1-5 keys to use: basic, ice, fire, push, and bertha in that order.

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I like the gameplay, but maybe a little bit longer?(ha, see what I did there...:|) Or a sequel.

Nice, short game. Boss was a fun challenge. Graphics and music worked well together. It's quite entertaining to make the different strategies work. (i.e. build a massive defense army before a great bomb-assisted push, pushy spear wall with a tight centre, line of attack mages etc) I'm sure there's a good bit of replay value there.

One bit of feedback: while it's good to not present players with giant walls of text of instructions, this game could have benefited from tooltips to help the player better understand the strengths of each unit type.

Great overall!

surprisingly entertaining

Great :)

Easy, Simple. but fun