DayZ: Rambi

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Based off the MMORPG, DayZ. You might have to play DayZ to see what I'm doing here... otherwise you'll like all the pretty colors.

Rambi gets more than he bargains for when he puts faith in bambis...

You can see the YouTube version here if you want a larger picture:

Hope you fellows and females enjoy, catch you NGers on the flip flop.

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wow lol great video

WooleyWorld responds:


For those moments when we get distracted and then shot. I love your animations!

note to self check the area for other bambis before aproching one

best day-z animation ever

WooleyWorld responds:

Good. I needed that.

Ah...The fun times of screwing people over on my first taste of DayZ...Those were the days. I loved joining their group then just killing them when they were alone, picking them off one-by-one without them even knowing it was me. The last guy in the group murdered me though...I really pissed him off since I failed my sniper shot. XD I hate that my internet is pure crap now, wish it was better. (I'M WAITING THE REST OF THE YEAR UNTIL JAN. TO GET A NEW INTERNET. I MAY NOT EVEN BE ABLE TO GET IT THEN.) Anyway, as I can tell, the backstory of this is that pretty much two guys play DayZ, best buds, and they go out killing people and zombies, fighting to survive as they just have fun. (Lol, like everyone, except everyone dies within an hour because of other people.) Then those "Lil bambies" come along. God, you make some hilarious animations, I have to admit it. PLUS I'M HAPPY YOU'RE ON THE PEOPLE WHO ACTUALLY TAKE THE TIME TO RESPOND TO QUITE A BIT OF REVIEWS! Well, this is another review from me ~Neo sig-s-Forget-The-Sig-WHATEVER-off.~ (Purposely failing. :3)

WooleyWorld responds:

*Fetches reading glasses*
Haha. Thanks for the lengthy review. Yeah I told a fellow earlier, when he commented on me always replying, I like to take the time to reply since you guys took the time to review. Besides it gives a nice little bond between audience and animator. Unless someone says 'lol' or something then I'll just say 'lof'...

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4.00 / 5.00

Oct 21, 2013
9:44 AM EDT
Comedy - Original