Bus Stop Abortion

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Its a quick story about me being late for school, but the title is suitable. Thanks for watching guys!

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I love all these videos, but I love them more when they actually make me laugh out loud.

Funny how the tags line up to say: stop abortion late bus.

So that's how you remember thing ok ok mabey I should do that to reboot my memory ah very cleaver I love all of your videos.

While this is pretty fucking hilarious, I really really think you could've done maybe a bit more with the animations? At the moment it's more like a slideshow and I could just as well be listening to a podcast, so i'd really love to see you put some more effort into the animation. I don't mind the simple style, but having the actual moving parts look more natural and fluent would sure help a bit.

You've got a great voice for this kind of short story monologue though, really enjoyed it.

Your narrative skills are fucking amazing man. You made my life good for a day.

I liked this story, but... what the hell is with the Somali pirates? I understand you live in the US but are you serious? I guess I can't expect the typical american being fed propoganda every day to know the truth though. P.S.: I'm not Somalian.

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4.34 / 5.00

Oct 21, 2013
9:11 AM EDT
Comedy - Original