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Halloween Fail - Falha no

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A guy hears strange noises in the house next door, call the police, but something happens ...

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wow cops need to look before they shoot

damn thats bogus, dude was just gettin his game on. But it was funny huh

And then I DIDN't take an arrow to the knee.

bravo. I have not yet had the chance to properly Appreciate Halloween. This must be amended.

I just laughed alot, lol. That's why I do not let my speakers so loud, haha.
Muito bom cara :) (e pelo jeito, vc deve gostar mesmo de Assasin's Creed, hah).

deciderio responds:

hehe pior que nunca joguei Assasin's Creed rs

Woo, a realistic scenario, easy to relate to... something that could happen to anyone. O_o Its the perfect thing for halloween! Not really creepy, but crazy in a great way. Keep it going!