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Anti-Bullying animation

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Oct 19, 2013 | 1:09 AM EDT

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Author Comments

The issue I have chosen to respond to in this animation is bullying. This is an issue that I believe is not emphasized enough in Australian schools. My animation is targeted for high school aged adolescents as this is where my topic is most present. In order to appeal to my chosen audience I gave the central character a simple appearance but one that many could relate to, slightly overweight. To convey emotion to the viewers I use a variety of camera shots such as a close up of the face to show what the central character is feeling as well as zooming and panning. As well as camera angles I used a dark colour scheme, predominantly black and white, I use some brighter colours to make specific features stand out, such as the scars on his arm, screens and the noose at the end.
The main aim of my animation is to portray the issue, bullying in a serious manner and use shock tactics to be quite up-front and give them a wakeup call; I believe I do this effectively by using a combination of symbolic codes and conventions and good quality animation.



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I know the feeling. I was bullied back at elementary school, secondary school and even a little in vocational school. (by very small group in vocational). Nowadays I understand why I was bullied, but I cant newer forgive those who did that. (Atleast internet was far less used that time, so home was safe place. Unlike in current days). This video is just a peek of that hell I was living for 11 years of my life. (Maybe even longer). 5 stars.

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A script with a goal.
Better late then never.

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nice music:)

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this videos is worthwhile watching. too bad, this was made after i got a lot of hell from my secondary school

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