Kerrigan and the Frog

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WARNING: If you are offended by extreme cuteness, yummy muffins, or adorible little frogies: DO NOT WATCH!

I made this awhile back. Pre- "One Ring to Rule Them All" and pre-"Final Fantasy Tribute." I wasn't going to summit it but everybody who saw it liked it so...here it is! (Remember, this is old!)

NOTES: Kerrigan is one of my characters from my science fiction story. I was watching Tenchi on TV and realized how silly anime could be. So I took Kerrigan, made her all cute and adorible looking, and just had some fun animating.

Also note: This is NOT Kerrigan from StarCraft, it's just one of my characters with the same name. I mean, they don't even LOOK the same. The only similar trait is the green skin... and SC Kerrigan doesn't even HAVE green skin in her unit profile.

Yay! Daily 4th Place!

***Flash Movie #2***


You've changed..... big time!

Legendary Frog how could you?!?! You were my hero. Ahh ah haaaaah ahh!! (sob) (groan) ahhhh!!!

Quite sweet

This is actually quite cutesy, its kinda nice.


Raining muffins, blue grass, and hamburgers eating people. that is so funny I love the frogs work.

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Yeah yeah why don't you marry Karrigan though some kind of semi-illegal Vagas marriage

oh and that was hilarious =P

I love that your comedy isn't smutty.

That's why I love your material. And to be honest, I like Piconjo, but a lot of what he says and does is SICK, that's why I favor you over him by a longshot. Please keep up the good work, and don't feel like you should have to change yourself for ANYONE. :-)

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Sep 2, 2002
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