Kerrigan and the Frog

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WARNING: If you are offended by extreme cuteness, yummy muffins, or adorible little frogies: DO NOT WATCH!

I made this awhile back. Pre- "One Ring to Rule Them All" and pre-"Final Fantasy Tribute." I wasn't going to summit it but everybody who saw it liked it so...here it is! (Remember, this is old!)

NOTES: Kerrigan is one of my characters from my science fiction story. I was watching Tenchi on TV and realized how silly anime could be. So I took Kerrigan, made her all cute and adorible looking, and just had some fun animating.

Also note: This is NOT Kerrigan from StarCraft, it's just one of my characters with the same name. I mean, they don't even LOOK the same. The only similar trait is the green skin... and SC Kerrigan doesn't even HAVE green skin in her unit profile.

Yay! Daily 4th Place!

***Flash Movie #2***



That seriously was a disgrace to what you can do. I cant beleive the scores youre even getting. You had me going from The One Ring through FF Tribute, but never make anything else like this ever again. While the style was still original, There was no humour, and nothing to keep me interested.

- Thorin

LegendaryFrog responds:

At least I got better, eh?

Once again a great movie!

This movie was great! The style of art you use is the greatest! The voice was really funny also! Kerrigan is the greatest character you've ever made up!!! Keep up the good work!

Mr Blanchette - you asked me to so here it is

Ahem - the following is a review. D'uh.

GRAPHICS:Flash if my favorite type of animation. It ALL gets 10
SOUND:English accents are funny...unless...oh dear God. You're not ACTUALLY English are you? Jeese - sorry man.
INTERACTIVITY:You can press the PLAY and REPLAY buttons.
STYLE:I think the rating should be a genre instead of a number. So I thought 9 was the number most representative of "COMEDY"
VIOLENCE:Knives are violent.
HUMOR:If you don't know why this is funny then you must find some other way of validating your humanity.

Here's to JOSEPH BLANCHETTE. Rumor has it that he not only "0WNZ0R5" but ALSO has "L33T N1NJ4 5|<1LL5". This must be heaven, because he keeps poppin these things out like a midwestern housewife pops out babies. Erm - "word up to ma peeps"

Sorry for being such a fanboy, but it comes with the territory. Mazzletov, Bon Chance, n stuff.

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that is very creative

something i would make, LMAO, was it a walrus with a tophat? NO IT'S A MUFFIN,

i can tell you wanted a teletubbie effect, its hillarious, its funny how kerrigan is so fucked up yet so "cute." LOL, muffins, yeah thats what i would do, and are you talking about kerrigan from Starcraft? cuz it looks like that

I want A Muffin !

Ok I was waiting for Yoda,Blix,Lawn Knomes,Mortiis, or the Pillsbury Dough Boy to just make a guest appearence but I guess not but maybe next time ..Hey but I just wanted to say good job or some shit..WOOT!!! ALL MY 5 R BELONG TO THIS !

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3.83 / 5.00

Sep 2, 2002
11:27 PM EDT
Comedy - Original