Brave Rocky

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Be a knight named Rocky to protect your kingdom from monster attacks. Razorflame sent monsters to seize your empire. Here you will protect the royal gate from the monster attacks. Let's continue to fight enemies so that the kingdom be safe. Increase the level of Rocky to be a greater hero. Buy a new sword in the store to get a new skill. Complete 24 levels in this game to prove that you are indeed a powerful hero. If you success to overcome the enemy attacks, your kingdom will be safe.


Back to QA with you! For the simplicity of the graphic and gameplay design, there were far more bugs and much more lag than is permissible.

Presentation - The art can stay, but find some way to boost your performance. The game slowed down when there wasn't a lot going on. My laptop isn't a quantum supercomputer, but it isn't bad, and that shouldn't happen. People are going to complain about the single background and all the recolors. I counted three enemies. Over 20 some levels, you probably want more than that, or it gets repetitive fast. You might want to do something about the sound when a spell is cast and a lot of enemies are on the field - it sounds echo-y when you play the same sound effect in rapid succession.

It's hard to critique the gameplay in the face of all the bugs, because it's unclear what problems were due to design and what problems were unintentional. First off, my character could move as many times as he wanted before attacking, but could only step one square at a time. If I am supposed to be able to run as far as I want, there's no reason to make me click so many times. Learn a path checking algorithm. Speaking of pathing, the enemies were not very good at walking. Often, they hesitated to walk directly behind each other, especially when I put myself in front of the guy in front of them. Other times, especially when walking from off-screen, they could stack on top of one another so that there were two enemies in one space. The vast majority of them shared the same simple behavior, and the only ones that were challenging at all were the ones that poisoned me, because the poison effect was - unlike everything else in the game - real time. At least once, it carried over between levels. Due to the very simple behavior of the rest of the enemies, my unlimited movement, and the very rudimentary mechanics available to me, there was not much depth of strategy involved. The only degree of freedom I had aside from totally botching at blocking their approach intentionally was whether to replay old levels to grind for better stats and equipment.

The shop screen had its own problems. First, I was able to buy all of the rings soon after starting at no cost, and I'm not sure what precipitated this bug. The fourth tier sword had no magic and lower power than at least one lower priced weapon, so I can't imagine why I would buy it. Everything was a lot more expensive than I was willing to grind for - either make enemies drop way more loot or reduce the prices. Or make the gameplay less repetitive so replaying a level or two is tolerable.

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The game itself is pretty good. It's a game. The programming works... It just doesn't do anything more. There doesn't seem to be a difficulty setting. I can move unlimited spaces... I didn't die once. Just maxed out the power of my sword and killed everything. Granted I only played until I reached level 9. It felt like I had to force myself to play that far... I don't hate it... but I don't love it. I would love to see more work from you. Keep it up!

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Welll... It would probably be a great game for kids. The AI is okay..? I feel like its all a bit.. slow.

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This is quiet a fun and easy game very cartoony charming and upbeat.

however there are two flaws the enemy turn bar sometimes doesn't work you can move sometimes after killing something and sometimes you can't also the "Ring of Nature"Frozen Ring"Mistake Ring"can be brought regardless of having no price attached the buy button is still visible.

Things that need fixing
-Enemy Bar(Sometimes gives you a free turn after killing a blue guy during the early stages)
-Some items in shop menu"Mainly Rings unlocked for free purchase"
-Attacking while moving

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Oct 16, 2013
11:09 PM EDT
Action - Fighting - Brawler