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Author Comments

Huantar is a puzzle game where you must use logic and deduction to build strategies to solve it’s 24 levels. The gameplay is very simple, intuitive and offers a large variety of items.

The game has an Pre-Hispanic Latin America aesthetic inspired by the cultures that used to inhabit that territory.

Challenges for both beginners and experts.
Clones and Directional chips that follow the main chip, boxes that affect the behavior of the chips and special blocks.

ALSO AVAILABLE FOR iOS, Android and BB10!!!

100+ BRAND NEW levels to play.
Simple and intuitive controls.
Moderate difficulty curve. Gameplay to think relaxed.

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Really fun! I remember playing this a long time ago in my youth and being unable to perfect it all. It's refreshing to see that I have at least gotten smarter if nothing else.

i like games where you have to think! simple and fun, it didnt take long to perfect all levels, it needs more levels and items tho...
sry bro, im too poor to pay for games, good luck with that!

Simple, yet elegant. Level 12 threw me for a loop, but when I figured out the solution, I facepalmed. If I had a "smart" phone, I would probably buy this. Looking forward to perhaps seeing more complex games from you in the future.

I think this is a great puzzle game, and for those of you who have said that the controls on PC are an issue, just use the arrow keys, you don't have to use the mouse to play. but back to the game, it is a great game, good simple interface with challenging puzzles that you actually need to use your brain to overcome. 5 stars x

good game i like it a lot. i didn't like that once the puzzles starting getting nice and hard it ended with a screen for pay to play. me and everyone i know are cheapasses and can live without. my advice if you want this game to be big, find the balance.

killabunnies responds:


hahahahaha just joking.

Thanks for the rating!

We offered 24 free levels online and 24 free completely different levels on mobile. We thought that it was enough for the player to realize if they liked the game before buying it, we do not know if it will work or not.

It's a little experiment we are running, freemium is a little amoral and selling the game makes it (some times) harder to spread... so...

Once again thanks for the feedback :D